Saturday, July 24, 2010

New From Eyeko: Saucy & Rain

Eyeko has come out with 2 new Limited Edition shades, Saucy Polish for Naughty Nails and Rain Polish for City Nails. These retail for $5.50 and can be purchased from their web site for those of us not having direct access to this brand. They also offer free shipping for orders over $55.00 outside of Europe, and you can often find specials and codes via Twitter and their site.
Above & Below: Saucy is one perfect red polish. It is described as a one-coat Scarlett Red on their web site, and this is indeed a one-coater. The formula on this was excellent--unbelievable might be a better way to describe how nicely this applied for me. Both of these photos were taken in full sunlight.
Below: This photo was taken indoors with a flash, but the color of this remains one of pure, classic red in any lighting.
Below: Rain didn't give me quite as nice of an application as Saucy, but after realizing it was a bit on the think side, I added 2 drops of thinner and applied the second coat with ease. This is such an unusual shade, not quite blue or grey, a subtle hint of shimmer, a color that fits every season. This photo was taken in early evening sunlight.
Below: With a flash (below) or in sunlight, the shimmer is visible, though elusive. That's what I like about this shade. More obvious shimmer would detract from the overall beauty of this one.

Below: In the shade and in lower lighting, the shimmer all but disappears and it looks more like a creme finish. But I know it's there, and I love it. A lot.
Eyeko is impressing me more and more not only with the shades they're coming out with, but also with their formula. While Saucy is certainly not a unique shade, the application was outstanding. If you're looking for a true red that applies like a dream, this would be a great choice. I have many reds, and more often than not, when I think a polish looks red in the bottle, there's often a tinge of orange or pink to it on the nail.

Rain reminds me of my own moods...on the border of sun or rain, delight or depression. The weather can play tricks on my mind and lift my mood in an instant with a ray of sun, or slowly depress it over days of clouds and gloominess. Rain portrays that with its changing grey haze and hopeful blue hues. The calming nature of this color and the quiet shimmer work well to create a beautiful polish.

I have to mention how much I love their labels--each shade has a different label and the somewhat whimsical nature of the artwork and layout always catches my eye. The bottles are small (.30 fl. oz. as compared to the usual .50 fl. oz.), but the handle, stem, and brush are not compromised. They're not much shorter than any other bottles, but they're very narrow, making them fit nicely into my storage space.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Fun colors...I've never tried Eyeko, but it's great to hear that they have a nice formula...makes me want to try them more, now!

  2. the photo you took of rain in early evening sunlight is just fantastic

  3. Pretty! I haven't tried Eyeko yet, but I plan to.

  4. weather plays with my moods too! and yet i moved back to pittsburgh...

  5. Wow those first two pictures are perfection! It looks like each nail has a twinkle! Sauce-ay! :D

  6. I love tomato red <3 Rain is just gorgeous :)

  7. Love Rain and I'll get it but I don't see the point of Saucy. I love all my Eyeko. These are the only 2 I do not have.

  8. They have such fun looking labels and bottles. I also love both shades. A nice hot red and a mood changing grey. Pretty nice!

  9. I need to get some Eyeko polish! They have a reddish black glitter color that I have been dying for, but I forget what the name is!

    Rain is splendid! I love that greyed-out blue!

  10. The Suacy one makes me think of hot sauce. It's the color, the packaging and all.

  11. Both of those colors look awesome on you, especially the red one. True red colors like that defines women as beautiful. Guys would go ga-ga over it once they see it, LOL.

  12. Aurora's Nails~I was really impressed with them, especially for cremes, because they seem to give me more problems than shimmers.

    peripatetic33~I love how that one turned out too! Evening sun around 6:30 is my favorite for lighting.

    Zara~I don't think you'll be disappointed. From the packaging to the formula, nice all around.

    jbrobeck~I know, I always think I'd be happier in Florida or somewhere warmer and sunnier. I do like it here, but this has been a strange summer and don't get me started on the winters!

    Jen~sometimes the sun reflects like that and I love it when a twinkle shows up perfectly on each nail!

    sabbatha~the red is really nice, even though it's "just another red". And Rain, well that one is unique :)

    jaljen~lucky you to have so many of them! Agree with you about the shade of red, I just loved the application though.

    Lucy~those little labels are so fun to look at!

    misscarley~I know the glitter you're talking about, and I can't recall the name either! I'd love to try some of their other finishes. All I've tried so far are the cremes.

    kittypolishnbags~you're right, maybe that's why they named it Saucy!

    Garland~it's a great red. Everyone needs a perfect red, a classic color for every woman :)