Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lippmann Bad Romance

Bad Romance from Deborah Lippmann is another beauty from her upcoming Fall collection, and I'm having a hard time deciding if I like this one better than Across the Universe. I personally love both of them, but this one may have a slight edge over AtU simply because I love the black base more than the deep blue base of AtU. But then again, the blue and green glitter in AtU is a lovely combination!

Above & Below: These photos were both taken outdoors and I used 2 coats, which gave me good coverage. Like AtU and much like Ruby Red Slippers, the first coat is thin and streaky, but a second coat brings the look up perfectly.
Below: Bad Romance has violet, almost fuchsia colored glitter in both a large and small hexagon shape. While this has more than enough glitter to please even the most demanding glitter lover, it seems to have somewhat less than AtU.
Below: This photo was taken with the aid of an Ott lamp. I love the contrast of the rich, glossy black with the brighter purple glitter. I didn't experience any glitter placement problems with this one or AtU, and was really pleased about that. As far as the removal of both of these, they removed much better than I would expect a glitter to. I definitely had some stray glitter pieces on my fingers when I was done, but I had no issues with the removal.
Deborah Lippmann states that "Bad Romance was inspired by last winter's Ruby Red Slippers." She says that she was giving a manicure to Lady Gaga and was inspired by her as well, which resulted in Bad Romance, "a Gaga-blackened fuchsia. The chunky sequin shade captures the high-fashion feel of Gaga's signature style and the bold statement of the namesake song." I always find her inspirations interesting to read about, but I'm thinking she needs to be inspired to somehow create something along this line using emerald glitter. How gorgeous would that be? Maybe she'll be giving Stevie Nicks a manicure soon and Emerald Eyes will be playing in the background--there you go Deborah, you're inspired! Now get busy creating!
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  1. Stunning! I have been waiting to see this one swatched and now I definitley HAVE to have it! Thanks Mary.

  2. such a pretty black with violet flecks!

  3. This is a beauty. I haven't seen ATU either. I have to have this. I glad that it applies well. Thanks for swatching this. Looks smashing on you.

  4. this polish is very cool!! I'm impressed!

  5. Well, the name alone would make me buy this polish.. But the polish is amazing as well!!