Friday, July 2, 2010

Lippmann Across the Universe

If you love mermaid-like glittery polish, you're going to really love Lippmann's Across the Universe. I plead guilty to taking way too many pictures of this one, but I couldn't help myself! All of these photos were taken outdoors in varying degrees of sunlight with no flash.
Above & Below: This is a deep navy blue polish with what the press release refers to as a blazing blue and metallic glam glitter blend in a sheerest navy base.
Below: This macro shot of the glitter shows their color and shapes. As you can see, they didn't skimp on the glitter!
Below: The first coat was thin and I had some balding, so I touched up the bald spots, then proceeded with the second coat. I was satisfied with 2 coats, and happy that the glitter disperses itself very evenly across the nail.
Below: In more shaded light, the green glitter really pops.

Across the Universe has instantly jumped into my top ten favorite polishes. The deep base color contrasted with the blue and green glitter is absolutely stunning. Deborah Lippmann says that her inspiration for this shade came from a friend of hers who asked her to "capture all of space and time in a bottle", so after viewing a show at the Hayden Planetarium, her inspiration took over to create this celestial explosion in a bottle.

The application on this one gave me no problems, and I wasn't concerned with the thinness of the first coat, because Ruby Red Slippers applies much the same way. It builds up amazingly well with a second coat, after touching up any overly thin areas. The finish when dry is quite smooth, and the glitter itself reminds me of a flaky-type glitter. The larger pieces especially, are so plentiful, that some of them overlap, creating a near-flaky look as opposed to just a hexagon shaped glitter. What do you think about this one? While this is part of Lippmann's Fall offering, I think it's far too pretty to relegate it to only those seasons, and I'll definitely be wearing it now!

These are available for pre-order now at Nordstrom, and will soon be available at Deborah Lippmann's web site, as well as Nieman Marcus, and Barneys New York. It retails for $18.00.
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. I don't know, I'm not sold on this just yet.

  2. This is truly beautiful and I'm so glad to finally see a swatch! I am never sold on a glitter til I hear how removal was. :) This is pretty, but it doesn't top ChG's Atlantis for me. I need to go to Nordy's and see what they have at the store this weekend!

  3. Super pretty! Lippmann has come out with several awesome polishes!

  4. LOVE it!! :-) I'm so glad I ordered it.

  5. So gorgeous! I am dying to get these!

  6. It's so dynamic! I want to try Bad Romance.

  7. so so lean colr has some real pretty chunky glitters to and so does claires i just dont know about lippmann stuff

  8. Pretty but I think I'm gonna spend $3 on glitter and make it myself :P