Monday, July 19, 2010

Good News on Orly Cosmic FX

I know many of you were wondering about the $10 price tag of the soon to be released Orly Cosmic FX Collection (September), and I have good news! As I mentioned in my previous post today, Yen from Victoria Nail Supply is sending me photos from Cosmoprof North America, Las Vegas and sent me the above photo. I am dying for this collection and I hope I don't build my hopes up, only to be disappointed. But how can that be? Look at those polishes!!!

At any rate, I received a number of eMails from some of you last week after I posted a promo picture of this collection asking if I knew what VNS would be selling these for. She told me she'd let me know, and at the top of the eMail that she sent along with this photo, she wrote "$5-$6". That sounds better than $10 to me! Many thanks to Yen for sending pictures to share and keeping us updated.


  1. thats the best news i've heard regarding this cosmic fx!!! glad its still in my realm , able to get them all at that price. good looking mary

  2. That is definitely good news! Thanks for finding out.

  3. That's definitely good news!

  4. Gaaah, I need those!!!
    lol, do you know when are they going to be avaiable?


  6. That's the best news I've heard all day!

  7. Woo-Hoo! So excited! I can't wait!

  8. Ooh yay! Thanks for keeping us updated :D

  9. That is great news. $5-$6 is so much better than $10

  10. That's great news Mary :) Though by the look of that collection I might have caved in and paid the $10, it looks so pretty!

  11. Woo, figures Yen would come through for us! Sounds much more my speed.

  12. Yay! That is great news! Now, sorry if I missed this earlier, but is this the price for this collection only, or are ALL orly polishes going to be increased to this price?

  13. This is awesome! Don't worry, Orly never disappoints ;)

  14. Good news from Yen! I wanted to order the China Glaze collection but it was sold out. I'll have to try again.

  15. I found them in my register at Sally today, so far priced at 8.99 [7.99 green card, 6.99 pro & student]. Blegh. But I can't wait to see that lighter blue one :)

  16. aaminahs mom~I was happy to hear that also. Now we have more money to spend on more polish :)

    Zara~you're welcome!

    Phyrra~I probably would have bought them anyway at the higher price, but this is much better for the wallet!

    Sarah B~I believe these are due in September.

    SayAnythingBrooke~I'm with you on that thought :)

    Lisa~this is the collection I'm most looking forward to. Can't wait!

    Right On The Nail~glad to pass on good news like this!

    Luna~me too!

    Skulda~I wish they did too for your sake. Do you have Sally stores there?

    Jen~you're very welcome.

    Twister~every little bit helps!

    chocaddict~I know I would have too, so this makes it a little easier to take!

    Jackie S.~she certainly does! Love her :)

    Arrianne~she does such a great job all the way around. :)

    Denette~these are a little pricier because of the formula (they have magic dust in them or something!). Rumor has it that they may be increasing their prices in the future, but let's keep our fingers crossed that that doesn't happen.

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes~great news for all, yay!

    Bottled Malice~you know, you're right about that. Haven't been disappointed yet :)

    Nicole~most welcome!

    Lucy~she should have them in hopefully this week or next week. Mine are sitting right here and I need to get busy checking them out :)

    Kris~thanks for the info! $7.99 is still better than $10.00 though.

  17. This looks like such an awesome collection!!! I'll definitely be picking up a few shades from it.

  18. Awesome! Do you know when VNS will have these? Transdesign had them last week and sold out in a day, I think!