Friday, July 16, 2010

Forsythe Hi Gloss Glam & China Glaze Golden Enchantment

Yep, I'm still playing with my Forsythe polishes, and this one I love. Hi Gloss Glam, a 2-coater, is a chocolate brown shade packed full of an interesting spectrum of glitter. At first, it looks like only gold glitter, but upon closer inspection, it also has muted red and green glitter.

Above & Below: The top photo was taken in partial sun and the photo below was taken in full sun light. This is definitely hi gloss and the glitter adds a touch of glam.
Below: In the shade, the gold glitter, although very fine, becomes the dominating glitter color, while the green and red glitters come out more in the sun.
Below: A macro shot of the finish on Hi Glass Glam shows you all of the colors at work. That's an interesting combination of colors, but it works well in this polish.
Below: I thought I'd glam it up a bit more with a coat of China Glaze Golden Enchantment. In this case, I think I prefer Hi Gloss Glam all by itself.

Hi Gloss Glam is a winner in my book, especially for the upcoming Autumn months. I absolutely adore the glitter colors and how they work against the brown background. While I generally like Golden Enchantment over certain shades, I don't know why I decided to change up Hi Gloss Glam with it. I seem to have ruined the simplistic beauty that Hi Gloss Glam has on it's own.


  1. I liked it on it's own, but I absolutely gasped when I saw it with the Golden Enchantment over it. Wowser!

  2. woww, i just LOVE this! its gorgeous! how much was it ? i'd love to buy some of it :)
    Olivia x

  3. Hi Mary:

    I think your too hard on yourself. "...I don't know why I decided to change up Hi Gloss Glam with it. I seem to have ruined the simplistic beauty that Hi Gloss Glam has on it's own..."

    I love the chocolate brown polish on it's own however, it's super looking with the Hi Gloss Glam. Your nails are gorgeous BTW. Love the way they sparkle with this nail polish color.

    Gorgeous chocolate brown color.


    Mc Huggs :)

  4. What a gorgeous brown--I love the macro shot where you can see all the disparate colors. Lovely.

  5. Mary, it's gorgeous both ways!!

  6. This color is gorgeous!!! It's pretty both ways but I like it more on its own too! The macro shot really shows all the different colors, I like how you include those macro shots, they are really helpful! :D

  7. This is such a lovely polish. I love anything with gold shimmer. So pretty. I like it with the Hi Gloss Glam also. It makes the polish really go over the top with shine.

  8. isn't Forsythe the same company that makes Color Club polish? I really like THIS color on you Mary. It goes so well with your skin tone!

  9. Great color on its own and cool combo too! But I think I like it alone best- I love all the red and green shimmer it has

  10. I love it both ways too. I think the combination is great and the shimmer makes it look very unique.