Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finger Paints Fall 2010

I needed to renew my Sally Club card today, so I asked them if the new Finger Paints for Fall were in yet. She was kind enough to go in the back and bring me a set, and while they have a nice array of colors for Fall, nothing really jumps out as being exceptional.

Above & Below: The top photo shows the colors more true to life (indoors with flash) with the exception of Autumn Allure, while the bottom photo was taken in full sunlight. Autumn Allure looks more true to life in the outdoors photo. There's one creme in this collection (Shades of Fall, a plum color) and the rest are shimmers.
Below: I made the mistake of looking around while I was waiting for her to bring the Finger Paints out, and naturally I saw some other things that interested me! The Savvy polishes are from a collection called Shimmer Time (now I have Hammer Time stuck in my head) and they have beautiful iridescent shimmer.
Below: I couldn't capture how pretty the shimmer is, and I'm wondering if they might work better over a darker color. L-R: Purple Potion, Fairy Twinkle, Glass Slipper. I love the names, so hopefully I'll love the polishes.
Below: Two of my favorite treatment products, Blue Cross Cuticle Remover (gigantic bottle for only $4.99) and Mango Mend in the perfect size tube ($3.79). The Mango Mend is pricier in this packaging, but I like to keep one on my desk for a quick and easy application in between swatching and before I go to bed. I saw a green polish from Nina Ultra Pro that didn't look quite like other greens I had, so into the basket it went. This one is called Salsa.
Without swatching the Finger Paints yet, they're pretty and Fall-like--nothing earth-shattering though. That could change once I put them on my nail...who knows. The names are lacking a little in originality, as I notice they use the word Autumn in three of them. The one most appealing to me right now is Autumn Allure, the taupe shimmer. It reminds me of Ingrid from the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. Finger Paints are on sale this month buy 2 get one free, and they're priced at $4.49 with a Sally Club card.


  1. I just want the CG Halloween guys. I don't care about anything else.

  2. Looking forward to your FP swatches; that brand often seems to look better to me out of the bottle than in.

  3. Winter's Whisper looks pretty in the first photo! Autumn Allure might be one I will like too! I wonder if my Sally Beauty has these yet?

  4. I LOVE Blue Cross Cuticle Remover! I've used it for almost 20 years!

  5. Ooh, I love Salsa! I got it recently and it's now one of my favorite greens. If you're interested, I posted the polish on my blog here:

    Also, I'm excited to see the new Finger Paints - I'm planning to go to SB today to take advantage of the FP deal, so I'll see if they have these.

  6. have a 'hook up' at Sally's!!! ;D
    Even though there's no 'whoop' on these fall FingerPaints, I can't wait to see them.

    I have the Glass Slipper and you are right; photos don't do it justice. It's just what I'd think a shimmery glass slipper would look like.

    Love your new profile photo. :)

  7. Hmm. I hope the FingerPaints turn out more exciting than they look...the Savvy ones look nice, too!

  8. Hahaha, HAMMER TIME! I'll be looking for that cuticle remover, thanks for the tip Mary! Not really that interested in the FPs but I'll wait for your swatches to be sure and those Savvy's look pretty! And that Nina Ultra Pro looks RIGHT up my alley.

  9. Can't wait to see these Fall colors. I'm sick of the heat so the Fall coming is wonderful to hear. Those Savvy look very pretty. Can't wait to see all them swatched.

  10. I have Fairy Twinkle and Purple Potion ; they are VERY sheer, but I only put 2 coats on. I wish they were more opaque, they're goregeous! CAN'T WAIT to see Autumn Allure!
    --Gena in CA

  11. Ooh! What a great trip to Sally! I'm looking forward to see your swatches. Esp. the Savvy.
    I keep eyeballing them but I just can't make up my mind.

  12. <3 Glass Slipper... it is gooorrgeous over black :) Someone's got a picture here -

    Vintage Vixen has finally started arriving at Sally too :D

  13. I'm not a fan of Finger Paints. The polish doesn't last as long as China Glaze, OPI or ORLY (personal faves).

  14. jaljen~hopefully they'll be out soon! You'll love them :)

    KarenD~you are right about that. I'm so-so on them now, but I think there are some of these I'll love.

    Starlight~I need to get these swatched so you can see them while they're still buy 2/get 1 free. I had to ask if mine had them, but it was worth it!

    Polish'd Cindy~I have lots of different cuticle removers, but I have to agree, this is probably the best of them.

    Zara~you're right, that is a nice shade of green! Were you able to find the FP's?

    Kimberly~yes, the manager has always been very helpful for me, while the others there just give me odd looks when I ask for something! The Savvy's looked so pretty, can't wait to try them. It was time for a new photo, so thank you :)

    Aurora's Nails~I'm hoping so too, fingers crossed! Arent those Savvy's pretty? Very interesting look to their potential finish.

    Nicole~I think you'd love that green one, yes! I'm repeating myself here, but I need to get on the FP swatches for everyone!

    Lucy~I need help swatching! Too many and not enough fingers. Come and help me :)

    Gena~I am so curious about these Savvy's. Can't wait to try them alone and over a darker shade.

    Mighty Lambchop~they caught my eye right away and I hope they look as god on as they do in the bottle.

    Kris~I'm definitely trying it over black now! VV already, that's great!

    Alexia Harris~I've not had a problem with FP not lasting, but I agree that the 3 you list have a great formula. My faves too probably :)