Friday, July 30, 2010

Finger Paints Fall 2010: Autumn Allure

Finger Paints Fall 2010 Collection contains six shades, and even though I bought all of them, none were impressing me too much based on bottle appearances. Once again, never judge a polish by it's bottle color!

Below: Autumn Allure is a deep taupe shimmer with a pink toned base. I used 2 coats and was completely satisfied with the coverage and application. The photo below was taken under partly sunny skies, and it tends to have a slightly pinker tone in brighter lighting.

Below: This photo, taken when the sun hid behind some clouds, shows the taupe color a little more, and the pink color a little less.
Below: The macro shot shows the shimmer detail, and I certainly wouldn't call it silver, but maybe a silvery-taupe color. It's actually rather subtle, but adds just enough sparkle to dress this one up.Below: A side-by-side with China Glaze Ingrid and Essie Mink Muffs gives you an idea of how Autumn Allure compares.
Once again, I was wrong about not loving any of these. The first one I picked to swatch is a winner in my book, because I love taupes and Autumn Allure changes up a standard taupe look with some subtle shimmer and a pinker base. This is sort of a taupe with a twist--not a true taupe, but much closer to taupe than pink. Finger Paints are on sale at Sally Beauty through tomorrow, buy 2-get 1 free. I had to ask if they had them in stock because they weren't displayed, but they were happy to bring them out.


  1. Huh, I like Autumn Allure, but it's one of those that I'd have to see on my own skin, because sometimes those colors are not exactly flattering.

  2. Pretty polish. I like it on you Mary <3

  3. Autumn Allure is a surprise.Alot prettier than I thought,and way prettier than in the bottle!

  4. Very pretty shade. I love all of those taupes! This one is a lovely pinkish taupes. It's hot!