Monday, July 26, 2010

Come Monday...weekly newsletter

Here it is already the last week of July! I wanted to remind everyone that my OPI Swiss Contest ends on July 31, so if you'd like to enter, you can find all of the details in the upper right corner. I still don't see the Color Club mini Halloween and Holiday sets up on the VNS site, so if you're dying to get these, go ahead and eMail Yen to order them, because she said she had them in.

I'm still working on moving my polishes to Melmers and I'm assembling Melmer #4 today. They go together much quicker after the first one, thankfully! In taking a good look at all of my polishes as I move them, I realize that I'm not having the urge to buy any more after starting this reorganization project. I've been looking at some of the new collections in drug stores, and I have no desire for any of them. The Revlon sparkles (4 sparkles, 4 cremes) are showing up in several stores, as well as the Wet n' Wild Craze shades--I don't recall the collection name, but they have to do with TV shows. I've looked at both of those collections several times, trying to will myself to want them, to no avail. I may be emotionally dead with nail polish desire, although I hope that's not the case!

Above is a little feature from a recent edition of Life and Style Magazine focusing on the names of some summer shades. I have 3 of these and although there are so many more shades with great names, I'll admit I thought Turquoise & Caicos was one of the more clever ones. One of my favorite polishes that I bought just for the name and also happen to love the shade, is Sephora by OPI's Absinthe Makes the Heart. Do you have any favorite polishes that you bought because of the name?


  1. i absolutely love wet n wild craze polishes :) the brushes are AMAZING

  2. You have to post pictures of your "after" the polish reorganization you're doing!

    I can't think of any clever polish names from my collection at the moment. Makes me think I have to go check my collection when I get home.

  3. it is good to take a break from collecting and play with the pretties you already have :)

  4. i just saw those revlons this morning and passed (the purple looks exactly like Grape Pop aka Funky Dunkey)... i actually went to Rite Aide with a $25 gift card and didn't buy anything! I was hunting for the new (overpriced) WnW's, they are vampy minis that seem a bit overpriced but i want them anyways! Ofcourse they didn't actually have them =(

  5. I think the name "I'm not really a waitress" is genius but I am not crazy about the color!

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  7. WNW minis are buy 1 get 1 50% off at rite aid.. if you have da card ;-(

  8. I really love nail polish names...I can't think of any specific favorites at the moment, though.

  9. I'm With Brad :) good thing I ended up loving the color!

  10. Sometimes those polish names do get you to buy them. The earlier polishes I bought were Miami Beet, Vampire State Building and NYPD Beet. NYPD Beet I bought because of the similarity to NYPD Blue my favorite show at the time. I'm sure there are loads of other polishes. I just bought I'm Not Really a Waitress. I've never had it and I don't know if I'll be able to buy it online ever. I'm really not sure of the situation of buying OPI online. Do you know if we'll still be able to? I'm really confused about it.

  11. I TOTALLY understand the desire not to buy any for awhile. I feel the same way after a huge haul or after I do a lot of posts.

    Sometimes its good just to stop and enjoy your collection. Play with the colors you already have :)

  12. I bought Claire's - Jen Jen and Icing - Jens Pick for the names :D They're both green and thankfully I like the colors too :)

  13. I definitely bought OPI's "It's all Greek to me" because of the color, but mostly because of the name :)

  14. Angie~I like them too. Although I'll admit I still have last Fall's collection sitting on my untried shelf a year later :)

    kittypolishnbags~if I ever get done with my reorganization, I'll be sure to post pics. It's taking me forever. I think I'm just about halfway done.

    peripatetic33~I think I'm going to take the month of August and focus on what I have. I'm not expecting too many new collections coming my way and I'm trying not to buy anything. We'll see how that goes!

    jbrobeck~I love WnW polishes. I haven't seen those dark ones yet, but I'll try to resist if I do! After doing this reorg., I find myself looking at nail polish and thinking I don't really need any more.

    tasha~that certainly is a popular one. I like the name too, but don't find the color anything all that special either.

    EverythingsDiamond~I do have the card, but my Rite Aid isn't the fastest getting new things in. Sometimes they are, but lately it seems that they never even get some of the newer things at all :/

    Zara~I find myself coming up with collection names and individual names all the time. It would be a fun job to have!

    Elizabeth~that's a cute name, I agree. And a nice shade. I cought Brunette on the Internet for the name and like the color too.

    Lucy~lots of great names out there! Well, it seems the major stores we used to buy at (H2T, TD, etc.) are starting to phase out lines or raise prices. It all started I think with the OPI vs. TD thing, but now TD seems to be offering them again, including new ones, at the lower prices. Who knows!

    Jackie S.~I know, I have so many untried, or even ones I've used many times that are always fun to revisit. I get overwhelmed sometimes when I have all of these new collections, that after a while, I seem to burn myself out!

    Jen~that's a good reason to buy them! I have never seen the Icing polishes in real life, and they look really pretty.

    Emily~it's always nice to buy one for the name and the color!