Thursday, July 22, 2010

China Glaze Halloween 2010: Zombie Zest

Zombie lovers unite! This is one perfect nail polish. Green, named Zombie Zest, glitter, very reasonably priced, China Glaze quality. While I love all 3 shades in the Awakening set for Halloween 2010, this is my personal favorite.

All of these pictures were taken outdoors in various lighting and I used 2 coats with this easy to work with formula. I can see in my photos that I could have gone with 3 coats (index finger), but hopefully you get the general idea! The first coat had to be one of the ugliest colors I've ever seen--a putrid yellowish green. It reminded me of split pea soup, but it didn't phase me because I knew it would liven up with another coat. The bright foil-like glitter is primarily light green, with small amounts of aqua and gold glitter also. Scrangie compared it to SpaRitual Optical Illusion very nicely in photographs, and it is a dead-on dupe. I studied the base color of each, and while Optical Illusion looks to be more charcoal and Zombie Zest looks to have more of a pea green-grey base, they definitely look identical once applied to the nail. Not only could you save yourself some money by choosing the China Glaze version, you also get to say Zombie Zest when someone asks you what color your wearing. In my book, that sounds way more impressive than Optical Illusion!


  1. I was already excited about this one, but your pictures put my excitement over the top! Look at that close up... WOW this collection is going to be amazing!

  2. So weird, these types of green never appealed to me in the past but now I have to have this one!

  3. Oh man, I want these so bad! I hope I'll be able to find them :D Awesome pics!

  4. Splendid swatching. :) I think it's a fun green too.

  5. It is green and zombie themed.. I think this might have been made for me!

    The whole CG Halloween set is a must have for moi!

  6. ooooh I am really excited for this one! Zombies? Green? WIN!

  7. awesome color, so glad i didn't end up buying OI

  8. omg this is TO DIE FOR!!! seriously perfection on you mary!!!

  9. Zombie Zest. Hideously essential.

  10. The zombie suit suits you very well, Mary! :D
    What a great color (me want, me want).

  11. Wouaaaaaaaa it's the first time I see a swatch of this polish and i love it !!!!! Gorgeous, this color is very particular & very shiny, love love love..:)

  12. From the promo pictures I thought optical illusion was a dupe which I have so I won't be needing zombie zest. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Usually, this isn't my color, but that looks quite amazing. It goes on the wish-list

  14. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

  15. How I wish I had this now! That's my favorite also. Looks fantastic on you.

  16. I LOVE this color! And a very Halloween color I must say! I think China Glaze has done better and better with each collection, don't you think?

  17. Get Nailed~I am just so happy with this little collection! China Glaze does it again :)

    Aurora's Nails~definitely a different shade, but the glitter makes it so pretty.

    Jen~I hope you find them too, they're fabulous!

    Kimberly~thank you! I could not stop taking pictures of this. Each one was different!

    Delaynee~I agree! This collection is perfect for all Halloween lovers and glitter lovers alike :)

    karen~two of our favorite things all in a little bottle of nail polish!

    jbrobeck~I have OI and for some reason, once I got it I wasn't that interested in it! There's something different about this one though, can't put my finger on it. It may be the name!

    kelliegonzo~everyone should have this one! Thank you :)

    jaljen~my thoughts exactly :)

    jellynat~zombies make for a great nail polish, don't they?!!

    Saori~the first coat was just ugly, but I knew it would turn out great. I love this one!

    rmcandlelight~if you have OI, you're all set. Unless you want it for the name!

    schmut~for some reason, even those who don't normally go for this shade seem to love it. It's very unique and the name is enough for me!

    Zara~I think this will go fast, such a pretty color.

    Lucy~make sure and grab it as soon as you see it!

    kittypolishnbags~China Glaze continues to amoze me with their variety. When it seems there's nothing new or exciting to do, they still manage to do it with almost every collection.

  18. i just ordered this color yesterday on head2toe. cant wait to get it now!!


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