Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China Glaze Halloween 2010: Mummy May I

Mummy May I is one of three perfectly designed polishes for the Halloween season from China Glaze. This is part of the Awakening set which also includes their Fast Forward top coat. This not quite black base with massive bright violet foil glitter is shown using 2 coats.

Above & Below: The top photo was taken with a flash, while the bottom photo was taken outdoors under cloudy skies.
Below: Will you look at the amount of glitter in there? I love how it seems to change from a violet, to a near fuchsia, to a bright lavender.

This 3 piece set from China Glaze is perfect for Halloween, from the shades to the names, it fulfills all aspects of one of my favorite holidays. The glitter applies evenly, but as you can see from the bottle, I imagine it would be even denser on the nail if I'd taken more time shaking it up. No complaints from me though. It's extremely pigmented, packed with glitter, and doesn't limit itself to a strictly Halloween polish. After I removed it, I wish I would've thought to put a matte top coat over it for a different look.
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Nice! This reminds me of Wet n Wild Night Prowl but better! :D Thanks for swatching

  2. Ohhh This looks like perfection to me

  3. Ah I love this! I need to buy this ASAP! I love that purple glitter and how it shifts colors!

  4. i love the dark purple and chunky glitter!

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  5. I just LOVE this Mary, great photos!

  6. I've sworn off glitter polishes... but I have to admit. I'm excited for this collection. This one looks gorgeous!

  7. I can't wait to get these. Love this polish. I don't think I have a glitter like this. Looks divine on you.

  8. I can't wait to get this collection!

  9. I love that there is a purple in the Halloween set this fall, and yes you could wear it anytime, not just Halloween. I bet it would look great with a matte coat!

  10. This is the most exciting collection I've seen for ages. But who isn't a sucker for Halloween?

  11. Love it! I would definitely try a matte top coat over any from this collection.

  12. Hi Mary:

    This is a gorgoeus color, love the photo swatch taken outdoors with cloudy skies, LOL You can see all the glitter. I would definitely try it with a matte finish, like OPI's Matte nail Envy or one of the others Like Essie's Matte or what ever your favorite Matte is.

    Just a beautiful polish on such gorgoeus nails, and ready for October's Halloween. Love the little ghosts and witches on the swatches, too cute.

    Mc Huggs :)

  13. Love the pics you got from Yen and love that you mentioned Orly might not be $10 after all! YAY!

    But most of all, love that piece you wrote a few entries ago about blog reviews and the drama. Very well said.

  14. Michelle~this reminded me of that also, and also of a Milani (can't recall the name). All similar, but different enough to make me think I *need* them all!

    polishsis~one thing I forgot to mention is this one is not as high gloss as the others. It's glossy, but something about the black underneath almost has a more satin finish.

    Aurora's Nails~I found that very interesting. It doesn't change to different colors, just a lighter purple.

    Tara~the glitter in this one is so dense, I need to work on shaking it up more!

    Nicole~thanks you! I know you love these, especially the theme :)

    Marie~you need to have these! It's such a cute little set, especially for Halloween.

    Lucy~I do have a few others similar, but the Zombie Zest in this collection is probably my fave.

    Sarah~I think I'd have to agree with you! Cute name for this one too.

    mrsrexy~it's a great collection!

    Starlight~yes, 2 of the polishes in this set will easily work anytime. You might be limited with Ick-A-Bod-Y, but that's all right :)

    jaljen~they did a fabulous job on this one. I was looking at my set from their Halloween collection last year, and while it's very Halloween-y, this one is more versatile.

    Zara~I have to start mattifying more. I was mattifying everything last year.

    Phyrra~thank you! You'd love this set.

    Geo58~need to get the matte's out! I have several of them I like, but my Essie Matte seems to be the one I use most. Love Halloween!

    Kathy~I was happy about the Orly prices too. I could have said a lot more about the drama, but sometimes it's best I don't say too much :)