Tuesday, July 27, 2010

China Glaze Fight Like A Woman Collection For Breast Cancer Awareness

China Glaze will soon be releasing their Fight Like A Woman Collection to raise awareness of breast cancer, a disease that has claimed far too many, far too soon. We've all seen the frightening numbers of those afflicted with breast cancer and cancer in general, and having lost my own mom to cancer, I will always do what I can to fight for a cure. China Glaze has once again come out with a beautiful collection of pinks to support and honor those who have fought the battle. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a portion of the proceeds from every sale of these polishes will go toward research to find a cure for this disease.

Los Angeles, Calif. (July 2010) – Join China Glaze Nail Lacquer this October in the battle against breast cancer, one nail at a time! The professional line of nail lacquers brings on the fight with three powerful pinks. Inspired by the women who fight everyday and those that support them in their battle, these fabulous shades are sure to help you defeat the toughest opponents with style and class. China Glaze representative Rachel Schafer voiced that “in an industry dominated by women, for women, it is important that we strive to work together towards finding a cure.”

The three colors in “Fight Like A Woman” include:

Encouragement – A baby pink shimmer that brings on the cheer

Endurance – Power through the punches with this raspberry shimmer

Empowerment РStand up tall with this cotton-candy cr̬me on your nails

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization dedicated to the science of cancer and promoting international collaboration in cancer research.

The “Fight Like A Woman” Collection will be available at professional beauty supply stores and select salons this September. Availability will be very limited internationally.

Above & Below: Endurance, a beautiful raspberry or deep fuchsia shimmer with glitter is shown using 2 coats. All photos were taken outdoors in sun and shade settings. The glitter is somewhat glass-flecked and iridescent, reflecting silver, light pink and violet.

Below: I don't do light pastel cremes well at all when it comes to the application, but Empowerment worked fine for me. I used 2 coats, and the consistency was just right in this medium pink creme.
Below: Empowerment in the shade shows a tiny hint of lilac, just as it does in the bottle when I lined up several similar shades.
Below: Encouragement is a delicate pale pink with multi colored micro glitter. The glitter shows primarily as silver, but it also contains pink, aqua and green glitter.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. I really like Encouragement!!


  2. I surprisingly like all three of these, especially Endurance.

  3. I very badly want Encouragement but I bet these will be impossible to find in the UK. Grrrrr.

  4. This is a nice collection, but I think it's more about the intention behind it.....
    Last year I also bought their breast cancer collection, and I think it's nice of them to come out with a new one.

  5. i am dying with anticipation for this to come out to the general public...as a survivor of my own boobies trying to kill me this collex is right up my alley!

  6. Your nails are really looking good. My favorite of the three is Encouragement. I love the delicate look of the polish. I always buy these collection whether I like them or not. My Mother died from complications of breast cancer. Also my Aunt (her oldest sister) died badly from the disease. I always get my mammogram each October. I encouragement every woman reading this post to do so. I'm scared to death till I get my letter saying everything is fine.

  7. I love Endurance! Wow! I see it as glass-flecked too from your pics!

  8. I think I'm done buying pink polishes. None of these really stand out to me, but they are pretty. Just, I don't know, not unique enough for me to buy. I think we all get to a point when we look at colors and just go "I think I have all the colors I could ever really want or need." I know there are people who have ten times as many as I have, but there are only 365 days in a year haha!

  9. Encouragement is beautiful! I love the daintiness of pink nail polishes. An added plus? The fact that it supports breast cancer. I know so many women who's been affected by it. All the more reasons to use China Glaze.

  10. Ow, I love them all! Great swatches! <3

  11. ow what a lovely colors!! think I`ll add em to my whishlist :)

  12. Pastels don't look good on me, but Endurance rocks!

  13. Aurora's Nails~glad you like them. I thought it was a nice little set too :)

    Lisa~that's such a dainty shade and I adore the tiny glitter in it.

    Serena~I love the glass-flecked look to that one. It's similar to some I have, but I guess the meaning behind this one makes it a little more special to me.

    jaljen~I do think they're being released over there, but in very limited quantities from what I understand. Hope it shows up for you :)

    Tuli~I agree with you on the intention giving them something extra. But I do think the shades are nice, and I was really happy that the sole creme applied so nice for me.

    Angie~thank you, I like them also.

    LisaInFL~I don't blame you then! They have extra special meaning to you. I'm sorry you had to experience that, but am very happy you're doing well now :)

    Lucy~Cancer is just a horrible thing, and it seems more and more people are being diagnosed, even though cures/treatments are being found. Hate. Cancer.

    kittypolishnbags~it's really pretty and I love that type of glitter. Probably my favorite type.

    Danica~I completely understand what you're saying. I find myself looking at new polishes sometimes and I seem to be content right now with what I have, if I'm honest with myself :)

    Alexia Harris~Agree with you on all counts. It's nice that they bring attention to something, donate to the cause, and give us pretty polishes to buy all at the same time :)

    Tiana~thank you! Even "just the pink creme" is a nice one. I actually like pink cremes, but find them difficult to apply, but this one was nice.

    Martje~happy you like them! They did a nice job on this little pink set.

    Starlight~it's gorgeous! I love how it almost seems to have a mirrored finish in the shade.