Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BB Couture Huckleberry Martini with a Twist of Wild and Crazy Purple Glitter

Huckleberry Martini is a shade from BB Couture's most recent collection, Cantina Nights. This is a purple (although it appears more blue in my photos) shimmer with tiny blue and pink glitter. I used 3 coats on this one, because I had a little balding action going on. In real life, this shade reminds me of Grape Crush soda.

Below: In the shade it takes on a much more blue tone. I love the fine shimmer this one has, in addition to the little glitter pieces, which are more noticeable in brighter lighting, but still quite subtle.
Below: Macro shot of the finish.
Below: I topped Huckleberry Martini off with 2 coats of Wild and Crazy Purple Glitter, and I don't know if it was too much glitter overload for my camera or what the problem was, but my photos only picked about about half of the glitter's intensity.

If you like glitter polishes as top coats, you might want to be on the lookout for Wild and Crazy Purple Glitter. I believe this line is manufactured by Mirage Cosmetics, which is the same company that manufactures Sinful polishes. I picked this up for $1.49 at a small independent beauty supply in my town. It's a clear-based polish filled with turquoise and purple glitter and the amount of glitter in the bottle is unbelievable! I don't know how it would work by itself, but I love how it looks over Huckleberry Martini.
*The BB Couture polish was furnished by Overall Beauty for review.


  1. Gorgeous and then topped with more gorgeous!

  2. Wow!!! the top coat glitter just it that extra loveliness :D

  3. Very pretty! Especially with the Glitter on top!

  4. Hi Mary:

    How's the weather in Michigan? It's about 100 degrees F here near Boston, MA. Love your web blog and this "Huckleberry Martini" dazzling blue shade from BB Couture's is just amazing., Your nails are gorgeous and the purple colored glitter is just like icing on the cake, fabulous. Love how the blue polish shines in the shade, LOL


    Mc Huggs :)

  5. This color is so gorgeous! It's going on my wish list!

  6. whoa bedazzling! i like the colours apart and together too

  7. This one is another beauty. I also love that glitter topcoat. Makes it even more brilliant.

  8. Love this, but love it even better with that awesome glitter! It's the perfect topper for this polish. I have a couple of Wild And Crazy polishes too.

  9. I love purples with pink and blue glitter!