Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's My Birthday & Drinks Are On Us Giveaway!

That's right, today is my birthday and I'm celebrating by offering all of my wonderful followers a chance to win the complete 12-piece set of Cantina Nights by BB Couture! One lucky winner will be chosen randomly, and that winner will be announced on Monday. Many thanks to the lovely and gracious Kim from Overall Beauty for offering this fantastic prize. With polish names like Huckleberry Margarita and Kiwi Martini, this is the perfect collection to start off summer. Read on for entry details--and virtual drinks are on Kim and I!

Above & Below: The BB Couture Cantina Nights Summer 2010 Collection shown with no flash (above) and with a flash (below). You can view more bottle photos and color names in my post from yesterday here.
This contest will only run through the end of today, June 20th. Any and all followers are welcome to enter, and if you're not a follower yet, it's never too late to become one!

The Rules:
*Leave your eMail below in the comments section as your entry by midnight tonight.
*Just for fun, tell us your favorite Summer 2010 destination. It can be anything from a local festival you're going to attend, to an all-inclusive tropical resort vacation you've got planned, to sitting in a lawn chair in your own backyard with your feet in a wading pool and a Pina Colada in your hand!
*Optional Extra Entry: Become a fan of Overall Beauty on Facebook (here), and your name gets entered twice. If you're already a fan of Overall beauty, you get the extra entry too! Just note "Facebook Fan" at the bottom of your entry to claim this option.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~
That's all there is to it! Many thanks again to Kim for all that she does, and if you haven't already heard, specials and sales are coming to Overall Beauty on Monday. Some of the specials will only be announced on Facebook, so that's another good reason to become a fan. Good Luck!


  1. wow mary! everything looks so fantastic :)

    - email: pianistwithanaccent at gmail dot com
    - fave summer destination: the beach! i live about 15 minutes away from the pacific ocean :)
    - facebook fan! (name: angela chen)

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    * email: blackpearl890(at)yahoo(dot)com
    * fave summer destination: the beach!! i live in Puerto Rico after all :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  3. wow! :D

    facebook fan: Jamie Kao Peixin

    Fave Summer Destination? Hawaii if I could get there!

  4. chromaticmisadventures at

    At the moment I am looking to do nothing... I have been working WAY TOO MUCH lately, and can't wait for a break =P

    facebook fan, you can search chromatic misadventures, or Claudia Pa**za

  5. Happy birthday~! :DD I hope you have an awesome, awesome day.

    email: forever.infatuated(at)gmail(dot)com

    Favourite summer destination would be Hong Kong LOL. I love the vibrant city atmosphere so much :).

    Facebook fan! (Sharon Wong)

  6. Happy Birthday Love! and what an awesome giveaway!

    My favorite destination so far has been a fun Pow wow that we went out in the country. Beautiful people, great food, dancing!

    camiller714 at yahoo dot com

    Facebook fan Chris and Andrea (or is it the reverse? lol)

  7. My favorite 2010 summer destination would have to be the ice cream shop down the street! I soooo want to try pistachio ice cream but they don't have it since it's Ben and Jerry's! LOL


  8. Happy Birthday!

    I have no idea if it still is June 20 in your end of the world, but I'll give it a try!
    Favourite destination this summer: Just hanging at home with my kids.

    Off to join as Facebook fan!

  9. Ehh,
    Forgot my mail address, So sorry!
    Here it is:

    Have a great birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    My vacation destination will be my front deck, this year.

    My e-mail is:

  11. Happy Birthday!
    I don't have any traveling plans for the summer but I wish I could take a little roadtrip somewhere.
    FB fan

  12. THANKS! my email is jessikabarber AT gmail dot com

    and my favorite getaway it my own pool!!

  13. Happy Birthday!

    e-mail: jkpulley1 (at) aol (dot)com

    Fave destination: This year, it would be awesome to head out to Utah to visit my god kids, but since we can't really afford it, most likely our vacay spot will just be our home.

    (Also a FB fan -Jennifer Kammerer-Pulley...)

  14. My email is starduststeph86(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I'm not going out of town this summer, but I'm looking forward to spending my birthday at Disney World!

    I'm a fan of Overall Beauty on FB (Stephanie Merlin)

  15. happy birthday!!

    fave destination: BOracay its the finest beach in the Philippines!!

  16. Happy Birthday!! My fave destination is always the Outer Banks (NC) and if I can't make it there, then hanging out in my backyard with family and friends always works!!


  17. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite summer destination is the beach or the pool :D

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (officially)
    And huge thanks to you and Kim for cooking this up together.
    My email is nicole AT
    My favorite destination has been our little pool we've got set up - been loads of fun hanging out with the family - but that's not to say I wouldn't love to run off to someplace tropical - say, Fiji? for a couple of days and having rounds of margaritas and fruity fun drinks around the pool and the beach with my fellow polish ladies! ♥ A girl can dream, right?
    I've been a fan already on FB of Overall Beauty - Nicole Hayes :)
    Thanks again Mary! I hope you're doing something fantastic today, you deserve it! *huge hugs*

    My favorite summer destination is Southern California (but my dream is to summer in Europe).
    Facebook fan as well (Jennifer Allen).

  20. Happy Birthday!

    I love the beaches in CA...

  21. Happy B'day Mary! Already had summer 2010 in Oz and my fave place was the south coast of Australia. Remote and very pretty.
    snowleopard_al AT hotmail DOT com

  22. Happy Birthday! Summer birthdays are the best :)

    ambu at sweetestsin dot net

    My favorite summer destination is going camping with the family. Go up the river and drink and hangout for a week or so. Lots of swimming and laughing and sore bodies, haha, great time!

    Facebook Fan [Amber Amsbary]

  23. Happy birthday! I'm trying to arrange a quick getaway for the hubby and me to Vancouver - Canada. And... laquerlove - for the entry!

  24. Happy birthday!

    glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com

    Fave summer destination? Any nice cold lake for swimming!

  25. Happy Birthday! Thanks for such a great giveaway to celebrate. BB Couture is killing me with their awesome greens!

    Truthfully, I hate the Summer and never go anywhere, so my favorite place to be during the hot weather will be in my dark basement apt., with lots of cold beverages & frozen treats, a few books & some needlework crafts, and my silly kitty to keep me company.

  26. Happy birthday! Mine's the day before you!

    Email is mohmlet at my favorite destination is my front porch, and I'm a Facebook fan! [P.M. McRae]

  27. Happy Birthday
    Favorite Summer destination: My graduation party because my mom went all out and got me TWO cakes and the food was delicious of course

    asherium at gmail dot com

    facebook fan: Aisling McSweeney

  28. Happy birthday!

    I live in central Florida and I love going to the beaches here. I'm going to enjoy them as much as I can before they become tainted with oil :(

    I'm a follower of your blog under the name Kimber. My email is

    kirby.monk (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. omg those greens and bluuuues <33

    - Every summer we usually head to Wildwood, NJ. I won't step foot in the ocean, but the boardwalk and piers are always a lot of fun. Can't wait to go next month!
    - Facebook fan! (Nicole Car*****o)

    Happy Birthday! :D


    My favorite place in summer is Emerald Isle, NC. I've been there every summer since I was 5. I'm such a beach bunny!

  31. *Email -
    *Facebook Fan - Kml LucidBubble
    *Movie theater for the AC. I am not a fan of summer!

  32. Thank you as always!

    I'm actually going on a cruise to Bermuda this summer! It will be my first time on a cruise/out of the country/anywhere more than 8 hours away from my house haha

  33. Happy Birthday!!

    Summer Destination: Ethiopia!!!:)
    Facebook fan: Christina Br****ys


    We love to go to Big Sur in the summer!

  35. happy birthday!

    email: hdunn1 (at) lion (dot) lmu (dot) edu
    my favorite summer destination is yosemite, california

    and i am a facebook fan of overall beauty as well! (hannah dunn)

  36. Happy Birthday!

    Summer Destination: my friends' houseparty next weekend! I can't wait - I haven't seen them all in so long :).

    tropicalchrome .at. gmail (dot) com

  37. Happy birthday! :)

    My fave summer destination is here in my country, philippines (TONS of beaches~!)
    but i also like thailand- yummy food and glorious shopping!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  38. My email is theovalportrait at gmail dot com

    I just got back from Chicago a few days ago. It was great to just hang out, eat good food, go to the museums, and I got to stop by a Meijers and pick up purple medallion! Best vacation ever!

    I hope your birthday is wonderful! What nail polish will you be sporting?

  39. Happy Birthday!!

    I'm a follower, my email is
    in 17 days I'm going to Disneyland with my best friend, I can't wait!! It's one of my favorite places.
    My other favorite place is out on my family's boat.
    Oh, and I am a fan of Overall Beauty on FB.


  40. Happy Birthday!!
    I would love to just go somewhere on vacation. My hubby is disabled so we don't travel.
    I am also a Facebook fan(Connie Hatfield West)

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  42. Happy Birthday! Awesome giveaway!
    My Fav place to hang this summer will be my yard or my local beach. :)
    please enter me!
    "Facebook Fan" -Kitty Austin

  43. happy birthday dear mary! we are birthday twins!! i'm posting my review of this collection today haha so coincidental! <3

  44. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    email address:

    I really enjoy going to the mountains since I live in the Denver, CO area. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm a Facebook Fan: Gwen Aldrich

  45. My email polishsis @ gmail dot com
    And my favorite destination is anywhere in the sun, with a nice cocktail (not too sweet) and with the bf, some friends and my sister.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Happy birthday to you!

    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

    I would like to go to Egypt, I ve never been there...
    Your new facebook fan (Ľubica Kotmániková)

  48. Happy birthday to you ^^


    my favourite location if the huge park me and my friends go and have barbeques and play water fights.

  49. Happy birthday, Mary! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    My e-mail is and I am an overall beauty follower on Facebook (jenny pennington).
    I'm spending this summer by the pool with my son. :)

  50. It's 11:54pm PST, hope I can still enter!
    My favourite designation is the waterfalls at Hatzik, B.C.!
    And I'm already a fan of Overall beauty on FB.

  51. Happy Birthday!!
    My favorite destination is the beach :)

    Facebook fan-Rae Pavey

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  52. Happy birthday :D I hope you have a lovely day :) My email is and I am already a fan on facebook :)

    For my summer vacation I have no plans what so ever other than just total relaxation :D Sad I dont have to go anywhere but glad I dont have to go out in that vacation rush on the roads, trains, plains and such :)

  53. Happy birthday!! I hope you are having some drinks on someone else today, too. ;)

    My e-mail is terrenity(at)gmail(dot)com, and this summer my fiancee and I are going to Washington to hang out with his family!


    My favorite place to vacation in the summer is Cape Hatteras. Beautiful and quiet.

    Happy Birthday to you. :)


    my email is nailstah@gmail(dot)com

    My favorite vacation trip was probably the year I got to go on an Alaskan cruise with my family. Alaska is SO beautiful in the summer, the weather was perfect. =D I'd love to go back one day. =]

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway Mary.


  56. Happy birthday!

    My favourite summer destination is one of the gothic festivals in Germany (depends on the lineup). I love the festival feeling :)

    I'm a follower and a facebook fan of Overall Beauty. email: nachtfee. zlobko

  57. email:

    My fav. summer destination would be somewhere nice and cool!

    I'm also a facebook fan (Jennifer Colvin)

    This whole collection screams "summer" it's awesome!!

  58. Happy Birthday!
    Summer destination: On the Harley to CA.... 10,000 miles. :)
    I've been a facebook fan for awhile. :) (Susan Carpenter Simser)

  59. Happy birthdayyyy!

    My favourite location for this summer would be Wacken festival, or any place that has cool water and nice peoplearound :D


  60. Happy birthday Mary! And congratulations on making it into the last day of Gemini-ness! :D

    Summer destination... I would go to another corner of my homeland Sweden. It's a small country on the planet, but is as diverse as the bigger ones, and our local cultures go waaay back! Iove the northern parts as the people there are friendly and relaxed!

    My email is feline[at]katter[dot]nu
    But I'm sad to say I do not support Facebook and therefore feel... A little lonely. (I think being a follower on twitter should qualify too!)

    Have an awesome day Mary!

  61. Happy Birthday! =)

    - fave summer destination: If all goes according to plan then it'll be Seattle! Sooo excited!

  62. Happy Birthdaaaaaay!
    freeeedz(at)yahoo(dot)com is my email and Sicily is my dream destination...but I'll go there next year :)

  63. I'm a follower via GFC.
    My favorite summer destination? I'd love to go to Venice again, or somewhere at the seaside...

    amerseksasa at hotmail dot com

  64. as we say in my family, HARPY BIPTHDAY!! ;)

    - email: danielle.rose.lubin (at)
    - ideal summer destination: anywhere with heavy-duty AC. my local walgreens has their store temperature down to a frosty science!
    - facebook fan! (danielle lubin)

  65. Happy birthday Mary! Thanks for the great contest <3

    I'm going to visit Cincinnati next week, I hope that will be fun and summery!

  66. Happy Birthday Mary! Have a great day. It's VERY cool to be born the day right before Summer.

    I'll keep it modest for summer. I'd love to go some days to the coast on here. The French North coast is so gorgeous. We have fine smooth sand and a gray sea. I don't bathsun, I prefer to walk and make photos but I love the beach anyway. It smells so good. Ideally I'd love to go to L.A. but it'll be a bit harder. :D

    I'm a follower via GFC

  67. Happy Birthday! I hope you'll have a wonderful day and thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. :)

    I'm a follower through GFC and my e-mail is:
    andiegirl at gmail dot com

    I live in a town known for having the best beach in all of Sweden and that's my number 1 spot to be in the summer time. I don't like tanning much, however I do love to play in the waves.

  68. My favorite 2010 destination - well, every summer actually - is probably the great Minnesota State Fair. When I was younger it meant almost time to go back to school, so I think I enjoy it even more now =)

    Email is:

  69. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite destination would be somewhere in Greece.
    indramcryan at yahoo dot com

  70. Hi!
    Happy birthday!!

    I'm a follower.
    This year I go to the South of France:) I'm really looking forward to it, I've never been there...



  71. Happy Birthday! :) Thank you and Kim very much of this giveaway!

    My favorite destination would be Hawaii. That place represents perfect summer to me... I'd love to go there!

    And email is

  72. I'm a follower! Thanks! kelly at

  73. Happy Birthday!

    I'm a follower (Pippa)
    I'm a fan on FB (Pika Gomboc)
    My favorite destination for summer would be somewhere up north, where's not so hot. Plus the green around me makes me calm. :)

  74. Happy bbbbbiirthday dear Mary!

    My dream vacation is to the US. More specifically New York! When I have all the money you can get, I'm going there to shop my ass of! Of all the make up and nail polish that place must have.. :DDD

    Following with: monticka at gmail dot com
    Facebook: Kajsa Monticka Tegholm

  75. Thanks heaps!

    Facebook Fan of Overall Beauty!

    My Summer destination is the beach or Hong KOng for shopping!

  76. I don't have summer plans but i love to go to the Prague in Chech Republic

    Happy b-day from Poland!

  77. Happy Birthday!! My favorite summer spot is always the outer banks here in NC.

    Thank you. :)

  78. Well, a very happy birthday to you!

    What a wonderful price.
    My email: smashingblue @ gmx. de
    My fav summer location: My parent's garden. They have a much nicer summer where they live and I love to sit in the garden the whole day and laze away time *gg*
    No facebook account though.

  79. peripatetic33
    Happy Birthday Mary.
    Happy June birthday Kim.
    Hope you both have/had wonderful birthdays full of tasty drinks, and pretty nail polish and special moments.
    "The drinks are on us"
    This giveaway is over the top.
    BBs Cantina Nights collection is over the top.
    twelve fantastic color and ooooooooeeeee that grasshopper
    My favorite summer destination is Cocoa beach. We always take a walk down the beach, hang out on the pier, and then walk back to the sandbar restaurant where they have the most amazing tequila fajitas with tequila marinated chicken and scrumptious bell pepper.
    I just liked overall beauty on facebook (peripatetic thirtythree).
    I had not signed up for facebook until last night. I had to go check it out after Mary's post about news on specials coming on facebook. You nail polish ladies are bringing me into the modern digital world. Perhaps I will have to tweet next. About green nail polish of course. Let's drink to that, CHEERS Happy Birthdays

  80. Happy B-day! :) Hmmm... my favorite 2010 summer destination would have to be right here at home, it's my favorite place to be!

    calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

    I'm a Facebook fan, too.

  81. Yay! summer drinks :) crysje at

    My favorite holiday destination is my backyard with my doggies, nothing more relaxing than an afternoon in the sun on our tanning beds with my little dachsies lying on their backs with paws up in the air to let the sun warm their sweet bellies :)I enjoy that so much!

    facebook fan Crystal Leysner

  82. ps Happy birthday Mary!!!!!

    what is your favoritr b-day drink ;)
    have a wonderfull day with lots of cake fun and presents:)

  83. I'm a follower (rebie59 via GFC)
    my email is: mesvernisamoi (at) gmail (dot) com

    This summer I'm going to Switzerland and i'm really looking forward to it cuz I love it and I know i'll find some unavailable where i live polishes

  84. happy bday! :)

    my email add is hueandme.jan at
    fave summer destination -- the beach! :)

  85. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day! =D Thanks to you and Kim for this awesome giveaway =)
    E-mail: misshsu (at) gmail (dot) com
    Fave destination: Floating in a pool looking up at the sky =)
    Facebook fan (Jennifer Hsu)

  86. Hi
    I am a follower shaimaa

    *heheh will its local i always go beach and swim
    with friend and family Grill, playing and i am cooking ,I great cooker

    *I am already a fan on face book Dana Ali

  87. Thanks for this FABULOUS giveaway and happy birthday!
    My summer plans are to do some gardening, some hill walking and just generally chill out to the max!

    I'm a facebook fan of overall beauty already.

  88. Happy birthdaaaay!!! :)

    my email is: anita.nohti (at)

    fave summer destination.. the beach :)

    facebook fan also.

  89. Happy Birthday, Mary

    fave summer place : Hilton Head, SC

  90. Happy Birthday, Mary, and thanks to you and to Kim for this fantastic giveaway! One of my favourite things to do in the summer is Taste of the Danforth, a food festival that attracts 1 million people to our neighbourhood to try foods from all sorts of international restaurants. My favourite thing is the barbecued corn...yum!!

  91. hozuli(a)

    My favourite destination during the summer is the beach.

  92. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hoping you have a fantastic, pampered day!
    I don't have a favorite destination because I haven't gone anywhere. But, it would probably be Hawaii!

  93. I'm a facebook fan, and a fan of you. I love the beach & the river & the pool in the summer. Anywhere tropical and warm with water involved is my favorite destination during the summer

    lauraebier at gmail dot com

  94. Happy birthday Mary

    My favourite summer destination would be Warnambool for somewhere different from home.

    tameriska at gmail dot com dot au

  95. Happy Birthday!

    My fav place to visit this summer Austin, Texas love it.

    fan on facebook (gina delaun)


  96. Happy Birthday!
    summer is going to be sitting on my porch watching the grass grow!

  97. Happy birthday! :) I hope your day is awesome. Thanks for the op.

    I'm a follower via GFC as ckim1088(at)gmail(dot)com and I'm a facebook fan (Courtney Kim) of overall beauty.

    My favorite summer destination? I don't think I've gone anywhere in a long time. But, my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Hawaii together. i have a sneaking suspicion that Hawaii is going to be my favorite destination. Ever. :D

  98. Hi,


    * My favorite Summer 2010 destination is a new home! But we are not so far with our house.

    * I am "Facebook Fan"

    Thank you and good luck!

  99. Happy Birthday!!

    My favorite summer destination is the National Zoo in DC!

    I'm a FB fan (D. Chen)

    dchen22 [at] hotmail . com

  100. Great Giveaway!!!

  101. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    This summer will be spent attending cars shows with our 1970 Olds 442 muscle car which is painted a fab blue. The color is very similar to Sally Hansen HD polish in BLU. I know this since I took a swatch & bought the polish to paint my piggies to match! I also have several invites for 50th birthday celebrations since this is my big year!

  102. Happy birthday!

    My fave summer destination would be somewhere hot and sunny like Tenerife or Egypt.

    Facebook fan - Sarie Fuller

  103. Happy birthday, Mary. My bf has the same birthday as you :)

    We're wishing for nice weather to go to the beach, just sit and read but it looks like a grey and windy day today, lol.

    FB fan of Overall Beauty


    New Orleans because i'm leaving for there in 2 weeks!

  105. evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

    happy birthday! yesterday was my brother's birthday, haha :)

    the beach AND the mall!

    btw i follow you via GFC with the name, evil_eva12

  106. happy birthday .. i follow thru gfc one of my favorite summer getaways is at summerfest milwaukee lakefront musicfest- yeah across the pond from you!!!! AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Great giveaway!

    I'm a follower through GFC as wund3rkind and my email address is wund3rkind [at] gmail [dot] com.

    I'm also a Facebook fan of Overall Beauty.


  108. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a follower via GFC as 'rhea katyal'

    My ideal vacation for summer 2010 would be any hill station, as I want to escape the terrible heat! It's freakin 45°C out here.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a FB account :L
    Thanx to you and Kim for this awesome giveaway!

  109. happy happy birthday!
    i am a follower via GFC under "Michaela"
    My favorite summer destination is a beach house my family has rented for a week in RI... even though we live only 35 minutes away, staying down there just brings relaxation - there's no internet, no stresses, no anything! And that's where I'm throwing my college graduation party this summer!

    my email is MLS11487 at gmail dot com

  110. Happy Birthday! =]

    My favorite summer destination is Hawaii! So excited.

  111. Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope it's your best yet!

    -email: m2hnj25 at gmail dot com
    -My favorite summer destination is the lake with family and good friends!
    -I'm already a fan of Overall Beauty on FB (Amber V.)

  112. sephyrra at gmaildot com
    The Florida Keys, for the 'island atmosphere' and sushi.
    I'm a facebook fan (as Phyrra)

  113. Happy birthday! Mine is in 3 days by the way! My favourite summer destination is a beach called Shirahama where I can chill out, swim and watch people passing by.Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY!!!!! :)

    Another awesome giveaway! My fav summer destination is at the zoo--any zoo!

    tammye at lakefield dot net

    Facebook fan

  116. Happy Birthday Mary! Shouldn't we be giving you presents? Thank you for always thinking about your followers. One of my first stops in the morning, without fail.
    elizabethallbright at
    Favorite Summer Destination is usually right here at home in Santa Barbara, but for a change, I like to head to the mountains for camping of just a picnic.
    I am already a fan of Overall Beauty on Facebook.

    Thanks to you and Kim for this colorful giveaway!

  117. Wow, so many pretty polishes!! My birthday is the 25th. :) This would be a nice bd gift!

    Would love to spend the summer in Paris but...I is too pooooor!!! :D

    Facebook fan. Elizabeth Pahls O'Byrne

  118. Oh shoot! I am so scatterbrained!


  119. Happy Birthday!!!

    email: maestra(at)parokeets(dot)com

    Summer destination: Dominican Republic so far. Sandy beaches ... mmm ...

    Facebook fan as Maestra Parokeets

  120. I follow via GFC as razberiswrl :)

    I am a fb fan of overall beauty.

    My favorite thing to do alllll summer long is hang at the beach. I love playing in the ocean with my kids and laying out on a towel reading a magazine and listening to the sounds. The surf rolling in, the wind blowing, seagulls squawking, kids laughing ... It's perfection.

  121. Forgot my email :( !!! LOL! razberiswrl at gmail.

  122. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Two AWESOME bloggers with the same birthday! How cool??!!?? SO happy day to you and Kellie Gonzo!

    I'm a facebook fan under the name Scandalously Polished

    my email is scandalouslypolished at yahoo dot com

    My favorite summer destination for 2010 is the pool in my backyard =) Can't live in the South without a pool, I have discovered (at least not comfortably)

  123. Birthday hugs and drinks all around to you !!

    My favorite summer destination is... ANYWHERE cold! I live in Northern CA and I HATE summer--it is sooooo hot here!

    Have a great birthday!!


  124. Happy Birthday!!

    This year I'm going to Croatia for vacation. Its a really small beach side village with many rock beaches and plenty of sun. That is my favorite summer destination for 2010. :D

    my email is

  125. Happy Birthday!! I love Vegas, even during the summer. :)

    kittingrrl at gmail dot com. :)

  126. Happy birthday!!

    my summer vacation is going to be at virginia beach. my family owns a timeshare there and my sister and her 2 kids live there so its always a great week, and it falls on my nephews birthday :)

    My email is heyheylove 87 at gmail dot com

    i'm a fan on facebook of overallbeauty! (under email, in case you were checking)

  127. Happy Birthday Mary and Kim.


    Fave Destination: Put in Bay

    Facebook fan of Overall Beauty: siameseflame


    My favorite place this summer is anywhere with my husband and boys. The movies, the waterpark, and anywhere else we can spend time together.

  129. Happy happy birthday!

    And I would have to say cousins and I have played in the lake every year in our grandparents' backyard!

  130. Ahh! Happy Birthday Mary! Hope your day is filled with many happiness and love! You deserve it.

    My e-mail is nailfanatic[at]gmail[dot]com

    I am planning a cruise trip to the Bahamas with my boyfriend. I never been there, but totally looking forward to it because I haven't gone on vacation in almost 2 years :(

    And I'm already a Facebook fan for Overall Beauty :)

  131. My email is at gmail dot com and I would love to go back to Hawaii!! Oh and I'm a fan of Overallbeauty on FB too.

    Happy happy birthday! :)

  132. Happy B-day! You rock! Another amazing giveaway from you!

    konadomania at gmail dot com

    My fav summer destination would be somewhere at the beach, no matter where, as long there's beach :)

  133. what an amazing giveaway!!
    facebook fan of overall beauty already (sara hollander)
    if money were no object i'd love to go to hawaii or to florida for the harry potter themepark!

  134. Happy B-day!

    My favorite summer destination is bed in an air conditioned house, sorry I don't tan I burn.

  135. YAY, what an awesome giveaway! Please enter me:
    (I'm a follower via GFC, where my username is stellaincognita, but it's linked to this email address)
    -My fave summer destination is San Francisco!
    -I am an Overall Beauty Fan on Facebook. My name is Hannah Carroll. :)

  136. Happy Birthday Mary! Awesome giveaway!
    My favorite summer getaway would be Orlando, FL to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter- hope I get to go soon ;)
    I'm a facebook fan

  137. Happy Birthday! Hooray! I hope your day is filled with wonders and satisfying beverages.

    My favorite getaways involve gardens. I really want to return to the rose garden at the Morris Arboretum. There are many heirloom roses planted around a center fountain. The perfume in the air is fantastical.


  138. Happy Birthday :) Hope you'll enjoy and celebrate it :)

    I haven't planed my summer out yet- I hope to work a bit^^ ( i'm a student)

    I'm a facebook fan

  139. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY! I hope you have a fantastic day planned and do whatever your heart desires since it is your day an all!

    Fave summer place I love love love fireworks so my favorite part of summer is going to Ft Lewis and watching the firework show there, its something I always did with my parents and now that they've moved Michael and I still do it, well more like I drag him along :)

    I'm a follower :)
    I'm a facebook fan too :)

  140. Happy Birthday!! I'd love to go on a Caribbean cruise, that would be great! xx

  141. Happy Birthday Mary and thanks for this great contest! I hope you have an amazing fun day.

    I wish that a tropical vacation was in the works this summer, but it's not, so, I *love* going to the summer beer festival every July in Portland, it is HUGE and it's a great time with lots of chill people and BEER!
    and I just became a FB fan of Overall Beauty

  142. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day! :)

    I'm a follower through GFC as Susy.
    Email: susyincolor[at]gmail[dot]com
    My favorite destination is Mystic, CT. We were there for engagement pictures and it was a lot of fun, very pretty and it was by the sea. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. Happy Birthday! I love birthdays! I love BBC sooo much too! My email: and I'll be going to Costa Rica this summer (can't wait) :-) Facebook fan: Heather Karuza. Thanks for this!!!

  144. Happy birthday! I'm a follower. :) auntiesocial at gmail dot com

  145. Happy Birthday!
    Any place sunny and sandy!

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.


    My favorite summer destination is the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina!

  148. Happy Birthday, Mary! :-)

    One of my favorite places to vacation in the summer is Pismo Beach, California.

    i _ am _ cheri (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.
    I am a Facebook follower, too!

  149. styleezta at gmail dot com

    My favorite place of all time is Bali!! Learned how to surf there :D

  150. Happy Birthday!!

    summer in the philippines just ended. but over the summer, i went to San Juan, Batangas twice! Its one of the best white sand beach strips in the Philippines!

    im a follower and a facebook fan :)



    my most exciting summer destination is the caribbean island of Dominica!

  152. Happy Birthday!

    minhae . kwon @ gmail . com

    And this summer, I've been having fun with the youth at my church. We went to Six Flags already and other outings are planned, too!

    And I'm already a facebook fan!

  153. Happy Birthday!

    facebook fan

    vacation: wherever my scooter takes me, along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan

  154. email:
    Facebook fan!

    My favorite Summer 2010 destination would be a week in Cape Cod. When I was growing up, my family went there every summer. I haven't been back since I left home for college, and I miss it terribly. It is my favorite spot in the world.

  155. Happy Birthday! Awesome giveaway! My email is My favorite vacation spot is the beach. I'm also a facebook fan, Belinda Yu.

  156. Happy birthday!
    My favorite spot is my backyard pool :)


  157. Happy birthday!
    It's still 30min to midnight in Norway, not sure if it still counts but.

    mail - giggia89(at)hotmail(dot)com
    My favourite destination is Sweden! Going there camping this summer, cheap beer and liquor :)

    I'm already a fan


    my favorite destination is Brazil!! i love!!
    i'm also a fan facebook

  159. Happy birthday my dear :)
    my e-mail :
    My favorite destiantion for summer is taking our motor home and go to the Dordogne, a wonderful place in France :)
    Have a good day
    Kiss for this special day ;)

  160. Happy Birthday!

    redz2486 (at)

    My favourite is when me and the OH go on our annual holiday to houston, to see his dad and step mum, only time of the year we spend proper time with them.

  161. Happy Birthday!
    mail: (ät) gmail (döt) com
    Fave summer destination would probably be on my own backyard/garden on a sunny day, doing crosswords and admiring my nails! ;D

  162. thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday!
    My favorite summer destination is spending my days relaxing in Hawaii! Woohoo!!!

    I became a fb fan of Overall Beauty as Grace Wong!

  163. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day!

    my email is SoftballPixie08@gmail(dot)com

    My favorite summer destination is a baseball field :) I spend my spring and summer running baseball tournaments every year.

    Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway!

  164. happy birthday!!


    my favorite summer destination for this summer is israel

    facebook fan (Amy Phillips)

  165. happy birthday!
    favorite summer destination: israel
    i'm a facebook fan (Amy Phillips)

  166. Fave summer destination is my bed for some much needed extra ZZZZs.

    anbelr at gmail dot com

    and a Facebook fan!

  167. My favorite summer destination is the beach! I went to Bermuda this year and loved it!


  168. enteer mee!
    my fav destination is Bali !! godness island :D

  169. Happy Birthday! This collection looks so amazing!!

    I'm a follower with GFC.
    World Cup!! I've been going to the bar everyday at 6:30 in the morning!!
    I'm a facebook fan of Overall Beauty. April Brooks

    Thanks sooo much for this one!

  170. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I am looking forward to going to Ky to see some family.
    twistergurl85 at yahoo dot com

  171. yay! Happy birthday!

    email: askanasiangirl at gmail dot com
    favorite destination: Pensacola Beach...too bad oil has ruined my favorite destination *cries*
    Facebook fan: Janice Agagas

  172. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    I'm going to DC to see Idina Menzel in concert for my birthday - definitely forward to that this summer.

    My Email: teeny_andi at yahoo dot com
    I'm a Facebook fan, too :)

  173. What a bonus, Happy Birthday!
    My favourite summer destination would of course be the cottage. So many great memories

  174. What a great contest! Happy birthday!! My favorite summer destination is the Adirondack Mountains in NY, so gorgeous. Specifically the Eighth Lake/Inlet area.

    and: I'm a facebook fan of Overall Beauty too!: Sarah Romeo

  175. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite summer destination is Switzerland! I finally get to see my fiancé in 9 days after 6 months apart.

    facebook fan

  176. Hope you had an amazing day!

    Fave summer destination? Anywhere but the office ;)


  177. Hi there, I literally just came home from VA beach, it was awesome!

  178. Happy Birthdayyy!! :D

    Summer destination would have to be hiking in Colorado :D
    I <3 Colorado

    Facebook Fan (Janet Barba)

  179. Happy Birthday :))

    My fave summer destination is my grandma's province because of fresh air, the farm, and meeting local folks :)

  180. Happy Birthday!

    miawallace8 at yahoo dot com

    My favorite summer destination is New York- anywhere in NY! You can do anything there at all hours of the night or day. You can never be bored there!

    Facebook Fan (Sarah Thatcher)


  181. Happy birthday! :D
    wish the best!


    Well...I wanna going to Bali :) It`s my favorite summer destination. Although being there means always summer...hehehe. There`s beach, cool breeze at night, coffee shop, bbq, shopping...all of it!

  182. Happy Birthday Chica!

    I am a follower, Jackie S.

    Facebook Fan: Jacquese Scott

    I can not wait till I get to sleep in ALL morning without being woke buy outside noises.

    alesia60614 at yahoo dot com

  183. I know the giveaway is closed (and congrats to the winner!!) - I just wanted to wish you a VERY happy birthday, Mary. I hope you had a great one. You're such a sweet person - you deserve it :)

  184. Ooppps I didn't realize the date, ignore my entry! Happy Birthday!