Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Start to Finish Product Reviews: Pureology, Redken, Biosilk, Reviva

The Start to Finish Series contains condensed product reviews of some of the items I've used up over the past month, and my thoughts on them after having used them long enough to give them a thorough review. We often review a product or read a review about a product, but don't often see a follow up. Speaking for myself, I know I've tried products that seem impressive at first, only to find that after prolonged use, they do have their flaws. The same can be said for not giving a product a chance--I've used many products that didn't seem to do anything for me after one or two uses, only to return to it later and have it turn out that perhaps it's not something that gives instant gratification, but after a fair amount of time, they become staples in my routine. First up, Pureology Volume Shampoo & Conditioner:

Above: I have some styling products from this line that I like rather well, so I wanted to try their shampoo and conditioner. I have very fine hair, and not nearly as much of it as I'd like! It's also colored and highlighted most of the year, so I chose the Volume line. These run about $25.00 for each one, so I really wanted these to work so I could justify the price! Pureology products are extremely condensed and you don't need to use much product, but honestly, I find that most shampoos and conditioners work just as well using less rather than more. Keep in mind, my hair isn't that long, just about 2" below my ear lobes, so that may not be true for everyone. The anti-fade complex is designed to keep your hair color true without fading, which is what I need because my hair tends to fade to a copper color, especially when I'm out in the sun, as I am quite a bit this time of year. Unfortunately, these products didn't work for me. After using them for a week, I noticed that my hair was extremely dry and less shiny than usual. I chalked it up to other products, a bad color job, too much heat styling--until I thought maybe it was the shampoo and conditioner. After switching to my usual Redken products, my hair was back to normal within 2 days. I went back to the Pureology again, this time for 3 weeks, and I made sure to use styling products that always soften my hair (Redken Satin Wear and CHI Silk Infusion), and it didn't seem to stop the dryness. As far as keeping the color in tact, it did seem to do that, but no more than other products that I've used for this purpose. We're always looking for a miracle product, but for me, this this pair isn't it. I have to remember that just because something costs more, doesn't mean it will perform more.

Below: Redken Color Extend is what I was using last summer and what I'll return to. I use the same small amount of these products as I did of the Pureology ones, and it keeps my hair soft and shiny while keeping the color with little to no fading. I picked this pair up at JC Penney for $20.00, so my wallet will be happier too!
Below: Biosilk Thermal Shield was yet another product I picked up in looking for the perfect heat protectant. As far as protecting my hair, it did do a good job of this. I flat iron my fine hair daily, after blow drying, so it's subjected to a lot of heat. I was a little put off by the fruity scent of this product, but I continued to use it all up. I didn't notice any difference in the damage that my hair sustains by the time I went in for my next trim, so I'd have to say that while I'm sure it protected my hair somewhat, it didn't do any better job than what I'd previously been using. This spray-on product was extremely heavy on my hair, to the point that it was so wet after lightly spraying it on after blow drying, that it caused my natural curls to come out after I'd already dried it. It also made my hair so stiff when it finally dried, that I had a hard time getting a comb through it before flat ironing it. This retails for about $12.00-$14.00 for a 12 oz. bottle, and you'd think I'd quit buying products and stick to what has worked in the past for me, wouldn't you?
Below: After my personal "fails" above, I'm happy to report a huge "pass"! This is a follow-up to a product I was sent to review at the end of March (see original review here). This is my tube of Reviva Labs Vitamin E Oil Stick, which lasted almost 2 months for me. It's recommended for use as a lip balm and an eye area moisturizer. I use it on my lips and on my cuticles, if I don't have cuticle cream handy. It's light, long-lasting, has little to no scent, is colorless, and retails for $4.00 a tube. I scraped it down to the point where I would've had to dig it out with a toothpick to get any more!
Below: My all time favorite lip balm, Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick, is no longer my favorite.
Below: I knew I would have to get more of this product, so I did. I love the way it feels on my lips, and I appreciate how long it lasts. When I'm not wearing it, my lips still feel soft and nourished. It's not designed for use on cuticles, but it does a good job on them too.
That's it for this month. It's always nice to use something up, but it's even nicer to find a product that really works for me. Let's hope that next month, whatever products I manage to finish up, I'll make wiser choices and they'll all be winners for me!


  1. Wow, you must love the lipbalm! Look at all those back ups!

  2. I've been using Redken Colour Extend year round for years now, it's amazing!

  3. Reviva Labs Vitamin E Oil Stick sounds amazing!

  4. sound a great product. want to try it. thanks for sharing :)

  5. If I use a very good shampoo and conditioner my hair is just flat! I can't win. I just use Suave or Pantene. They work well for me. I don't flat iron my iron. I rarely blow dry it. I use velcro rollers to set my hair. I went back to the old school method of doing my hair. I get lots of volume and waves. I do notice that my hair is getting frizzy. I don't know why that started. I bought Frizz-Ease (?) and that works pretty decently. Thanks for the information. I have so many different brands of lip balm. Also have a ton of them. I know whatever year I run out of things I'll try Reviva Labs.

  6. have you ever tried Big shampoo from Lush? it has god big chunks of seasalt in it (yes not kidding :) it is so weird when you first try it but my hair never felt cleaner. I have curls so i like their curly wurly better. The hairdresser used pureology on my hair after highlighting but my curls went flat and my hair was just too soft..(for curls that's not good) I also love the redken uv rescue products, they smell like jil sander sun hmmmmm

  7. Jeweled Thumb~I really do like it! One in my purse, one on my desk for my lips, one on my desk for my cuticles--only one back up!

    Twister~thanks! Products work so differently for everyone, but I always find it helpful to read a number of reviews to see if there's any common point before I make a decision.

    Andrea~there's something about Redken that works for me, because I always seem to get the best results from their line.

    Kittyluvscolor~it just works very well for me--not sticky, long-lasting, multi-purpose. I'm glad I found it!

    ipehishere~the Vitamin E stick is a great find for me. The other products, not so much.

    Lucy~I swear, we'll never run out of some products it seems, at the rate we acquire them! My hair makes me crazy, so I'm always looking for something that really stands out and does something positive for it.

    Crystalliciousss~no I haven't tried that, but now you make me want to! I'll have to order it the next time I place a Lush order. I love the smell of almost every Redken product!