Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reviva Labs Hand Facial Treatment

Continuing a look at some of the hand/nail care treatment options featured in the Friday Follower Freebie prizes this month (watch for these this Friday!), today I have some products from Reviva Labs, which are all multi-purpose, meaning they can be used as facial and/or hand care treatments. All of the products featured in the FFF during June are ones that I have found to work well in my rotation of products and routines.

These are the products used to give yourself a "Hand Facial" at home. I've been using this routine once a week for a month, and have not only enjoyed the process, but I've been very happy with the results. The products include L-R: Light Skin Peel, Hydrogen Peroxide Green Papaya Mask, Skin Energizing Gel, and EFAs Cream. This can be done as a two-step or a four step routine, as you'll read more about below. note: to see a complete list of product ingredients, click the product name links.

Step 1 Below: Apply the Light Skin Peel (which was originally designed as a facial mask, so it works nicely for that also) ($20.00) on the back of your hands. Allow it to dry (about 3-5 minutes), and I find it best to do the removal over the sink--then rub it off with a dry towel. It can almost be peeled off, but I use a towel to get off the excess. This is a fairly thick lotion that has a strong scent, which reminded me of Oregano. It actually has Oil of Thyme in it, which would explain the scent. The particles you're seeing are crushed almonds, which aid in exfoliation.

Step 2 Below: Massage the Hydrogen Peroxide Green Papaya Mask (another product that works for the face as well) ($11.00) into your hands. I mainly keep this on the back of the hand area and massage a little extra into the cuticle area. This is left on for 10 minutes, and then I remove it with a warm, wet wash cloth. Finish up by rinsing your hands with warm water. The scent of this is fresh and light, and it has an oily feel, as you can see in the photo of my hand below before rinsing it off. The oils it contains include Sunflower, Soybean, and Lanolin. This completes the two-step process, but I continue with Steps three and four for added benefits.

Step 3 Below: I then continue the process by applying a small amount (one pump--you can see how little is needed in the palm of my hand) of Skin Energizing Gel ($10.00) into the nail bed. This product is rich in active and trace minerals, which Reviva believes are necessary for nail strength. As with all of these products, this too can be used as a facial product.
Step 4 Below: To complete the treatment, I apply the EFAs (Essential Fatty Acid) Cream ($25.00) as a moisturizer. Originally formulated for thin skin, users with all levels of dry skin are reporting that it is providing fuller and smoother skin. I've been using this on my face and will do a proper review of it soon as a facial moisturizer/treatment, but it's working very well for that also. This medium consistency lotion absorbs nicely and contains 10 natural oils, although it doesn't leave a greasy feeling.
This extra hand-pampering routine takes about 20-25 minutes and the results are immediate. My hands look smoother and the lines seem to have diminished noticeably. My hands and skin in general are what I would consider average when it comes to dryness. You know how you look at your hands and think they look a little dry? For about 3-4 days after I do this treatment, they don't ever look that way. There is a lot of information on their website about the ingredients they use, and I also have quite a bit of literature I've been reading and re-reading. I'm certainly no scientist or skin care expert, but I have been nothing short of impressed with their products. I've been reading a number of reviews from Diana at Painted Lady Fingers blog on Reviva products, and she seems to be getting excellent results as well.
What I like about these products also, is that they can be used on your face and your hands, with good results that you can see right away. Their distribution has mainly been through health care stores so while they may not be as well-known as many brands, their longevity on the market (37 years) and the attention to the science behind their products, not to mention the results I've achieved, have made me a believer.
*Products featured in this post were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful treatment. I have a hand mask by Avon that I've yet to use. I'll have to try it. Nice that you can use it on your face also.

  2. nice.. thanks for sharing (^_^)

  3. Oh this sounds like Heaven! I luv that you can use the same products on your face & hands!

  4. Great review, Mary. I've been using all of the products you mentioned as facial treatments. I have found them to be really effective. I have reviews up for all of them, except the Oxygen Mask, which I will be posting within the next week. The hand facial treatment looks so pampering. I will have to give it a try. <3

  5. Great review! I love beauty products, especially creams and scrubs!

    I'm surprised you kept your ring on? Didn't the stuff get caught in it?

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  7. oops, spelling errors in my first reply, let's try this again!

    Lucy~it is relaxing and enjoyable to do. I love that these products do double-duty!

    rhaindropz~glad you enjoyed it. It's a really nice little treatment your can do for yourself :)

    Kittyluvscolor~it's like a mini home spa treatment for your hands, very nice to do and great results.

    Diana~I've enjoyed your reviews and like you, I'm finding all of their products to be very effective.

    Jackie S.~me too, scrubs, masks, all of those things! That's my 'everyday' ring that goes through a lot of wear and tear, but always cleans right off. I seldom remove it, except to exchange it for my 'real' wedding ring :)