Monday, June 14, 2010

RBL Scrangie Returns Tomorrow

Rescue Beauty Lounge has listened to its customers and will have 2 favorite shades available again, beginning tomorrow. Scrangie and No More War (which I don't have) are returning due to popular demand, and while I can't tell you that you need Scrangie, I can tell you why I needed it.
Above & Below: When photographed with a flash (above) or in brighter lighting, Scrangie shows off its many facets--a blue green glitter, a slight duo chrome, and a flash or glow of color that many other polishes seek to attain. Outside under cloudy skies (below) and in lower lighting, the glitter is more refined and the flash of color less evident, but it's no less beautiful.
Below: The duo chrome in this shade is more on the subtle side, but it's definitely there. In the bottle pictures below you can see the somewhat turquoise shade in the first photo, then it begins to show a more purple shade around the edges in the second photo. The third photo shows how it's shifted to a blue-based purple or violet shade.
Below: Even the side profile of the polish in the bottle is interesting to look at.
Below: A macro shot of Scrangie on the nail.
If I were to make a top ten list of my favorite shades, this would definitely be one of them, for several reasons. For starters, it's a gorgeous polish that encompasses a couple of elements I've always loved: a duo chrome effect, and a glowing flash of shimmer. Also, I love purple polishes almost as much as I love teals and turquoises, and this one combines them both. Lastly, as a blogger, collector of polish, and a polish lover for most of my life, all three of the "Blogger" polishes from RBL were a unique offering--both in color and in concept-- from a company who is known for the quality of their products, particularly their exceptional nail polish formula. So you see, I didn't need this polish, but I did have my own personal reasons for wanting it. I would have survived without it, because unlike food, water, and oxygen, we don't need polish to live and survive. But is does make me very happy when I wear it. Wait a minute...don't studies show that people who are happy usually live longer? Hmmm, maybe I did need this to survive after all!


  1. Mary, these are possibly the best swatches I've ever seen of Scrangie! GORGEOUS!

  2. Oh, beauty! Definitely worth to have it :)

  3. I have this color. I love it. But it STILL kills me that I paid $18 for it.

  4. I ordered all of the bloggers polishes. This was my favorite out of all of them. Beautiful shade and just delightful to look at in the bottle. I know when I got it I just kept turning the bottle every which way. I was so hoping that all those colors would translate well to my nails. It did and surpassed my expectations. Since collecting nail polish makes us all happy, then we should all live forever!

  5. I am so happy I have this color, but everyone who doesn't NEEDS to get it now! Its is such an original!

  6. Yes, Mary I did get Scrangie this time around - but what are the other two polishes that were created by bloggers? (me shivers at the thought of having to spending $18 a pop because of my dumb addiction to np) I too am like to collect!!




  7. Where is it? Is it out yet? I can't find it online!

  8. That's a really lovely colour - and so different!

    Best, Lisamarie

  9. I love this color..but for $'s a bit much...maybe if I see it at the stores...I would love to get it one day..

  10. I'm happy RBL re-released it because I wouldn't spend what eBay sellers were asking. No More War is a good one to have if you collect greens, which I do. It's nice that the company listened to their customers.

  11. Angie~it really is beautiful. She did a great job coming up with her color.

    Twister~glad you like it too :)

    Nicole~thank you! It was hard to stop taking pictures, it just has so many pretty looks to it!

    Biba~I agree, it was worth it to me, so I'm very happy to have this one.

    Phyrra~I know, I try not to think about the price tag~ha-ha! At least we love it, no matter the price.

    tasha~isn't it gorgeous? It's so interesting to watch it change how it looks from different angles. Very entertaining!

    Lucy~it's my favorite of the 3 as well, although the others are pretty too. This one just changes so much, which I love, and the shade itself with the blue and purple are gorgeous.

    Jackie S.~you said it! They're expensive, yes, but I've always been impressed with RBL's application.

    Audrey~yes, 2 others! Mismas from Michelle at ALU and Orbis Non Sufficit from the Polish Addict, a purple and green creme, respectively. I'm so sorry I'm extremely behind on my comments, but thank you for the award!

    tasha~on the front page!

    Lisamarie & Christelle~I couldn't agree more! Glad you like it :)

    CreaMoon~they are expensive, but on the plus side, they apply great! I know I have to ask myself many times over before spending that much on a polish, but some things I just cannot resist :)

    Gwen~I was really impressed that they offered these again. Very good customer relationship with this company.

  12. This color is extremely similar to something I just tried on my toes; I used two coats of Sally Hansen HD Cyber and a coat of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sea and Be Seen. So cute! Wish I could get some shades in RBL, though. Their coral is to die for!