Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random Untried's: Gosh, Charlotte Russe, Cover Girl, Avalon

I thought I'd better pay some attention to the poor untried polishes in my collection, so today I have four random choices--one I love, while the other three receive just a like rating from me. My thoughts on these polishes continue below the photos, but first, let's have a look at them.

Above: Gosh Blue Lagoon shown using 3 coats.
Below: Charlotte Russe Buckingham nail with 2 coats.
Below: Cover Girl Amethyst Mist shown using 2 coats over Buckingham Nail.
Below: Avalon Emerald Coral with 2 coats.

Can you guess which one I loved from this group? The first clue is always how many photos I show, so the answer would be Avalon's Emerald Coral. This one had a very thin, almost watery formula, but the color built up nicely. I used 2 coats, but could have gone with 3 in hindsight. The color and glass-like finish are gorgeous, and the finish itself feels smooth as glass. The glitter applies evenly, and is a mixture of deep aqua and silver. The base of this one also brought thoughts of the Maybelline Waters polishes to mind. Naturally, the one I love is a brand virtually unknown to me. Google brings up little to nothing on Avalon Cosmetics, the manufacturer. I received this beauty from one of my wonderful readers, Lynn. She tells me this is an east coast brand and they are based in New Jersey.
Gosh Blue Lagoon is one I thought I would love based on the bottle appearance, but after applying 3 coats and still seeing bald spots, that thought disappeared. It's a nice robin egg blue shimmer with small multi colored holographic glitter, and maybe it would be better as a top coat for me. A top coat is how Cover Girl's Amethyst Mist is advertised, so I applied 2 coats over Charlotte Russe Buckingham Nail. Again, it looked incredible in the bottle, but the glitter applied sparsely. I'm not really sure why the name of this refers to Amethyst either! Charlotte Russe Buckingham Nail, while not terribly exciting or unique in color, this rust brown shade had a wonderful formula. I used 2 coats and it flowed well and dried quickly to a jelly-like high gloss finish. The formula alone has convinced me to try more from this line, because this was my first.


  1. so pretty and bling nail polishes!!! I like Amalon Everal Coral so much :D

  2. I'm glad you reviewed a Charlotte Russe polish. I've been in the store several times wondering whether to purchase one of them.
    Yep, wouldn't you know. I love the Avalon Emerald Coral too. I can sort of understand the 'emerald' part, but the 'coral'? Doesn't matter, I still love how it looks.
    I have a friend who lives right by NJ from PA. I could see if she can find this one for me.

  3. Avalon Emerald Coral has that whole pretty mermaid tail thing going on :)

  4. Ooh, I love the Avalon Emerald Coral so pretty!

  5. That Avalon Emerald Coral is gorgeous!! I'm in the east coast but don't remember ever seeing this brand. I'll try to find this now!

  6. Avalon Emerald Coral is great color! :D

  7. Humm that GOSH one lacks, usually they are more vibrant. I like that Avalon color too! I never heard of the brand.

  8. I live in NJ and never heard of Avalon. Beautiful shade and yes the others are lovely also. Not as purty as Emerald Coral.

  9. Avalon Emerald Coral is the prettiest, I think :)

  10. Strawberry Princess~that one won my heart too. Such a unique polish, now I need more of this line!

    Kimberly~I thought it might be referring to coral the plant under the ocean, rather than the color coral? Although I have no idea if coral plants are ever this color. No matter, it's still pretty and I hope you find one :)

    peripatetic33~it sure does! It's gorgeous, that's for sure.

    Twister~thanks! Glad you like them!

    rmcandlelight~I adore that one! It makes me curious to know if they have other like it, only in different shades.

    Susy~yes, hunt it down! I got the impression they're found in independent beauty supply stores, but I could be wrong.

    ipehishere~I think so too!

    tasha~I only have a couple of other shades from Gosh, but they were much better in pigmentation. I was a little disappointed in this one.

    Lucy~I know, the other pale in comparison to Emerald Coral, don't they?

    Phyrra~I would love to see an entire collection in different colors just like this one. How gorgeous would that be?!!

  11. I'm surprised that the GOSH one is so poor they're usually really good, what a shame :( It's so pretty too. If you get the chance to lay your hands on more GOSH then I recommend Holographic (dupe for China Glaze's Sexagon), Rainbow (incredible layered over black) & Purple Heart (similar to Zoya's Ki but not an exact dupe). They're all nicely pigmented :)