Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-Color Club: Forsythe Polishes circa 1979?

Gas was just 86¢ per gallon, Jimmy Carter was President, My Sharona by The Knack was the No. 1 song of the year, and this nail polish may have been a top choice on the Disco floor! The precursor to what we now know as Color Club, was Forsythe nail polish.
I contacted Forsythe Cosmetics about these polishes and was told that this bottle style indicates that they are from the time that their business started in 1979. That means that my newest polishes are also my oldest. I'm not sure when the Color Club brand name came into existence, but if you know, please let us know.

Above: The glitter is more dense in the bottle than when it's applied on the nail.
Above & Below: Call me a freak--like that would be the first time that's happened!--but I have an abnormal interest in old nail polish, the history of it, and bottle shapes in general. This bottle shape is so interesting to me, not to mention practical. Square ones fit nicely next to each other, so that's always a plus. You can't quite see it in my photos unfortunately, but the surface at the top of each side bevels downward at an angle forming a reverse arc. The only markings of a name/brand are on the bottom label and the cap edge.
Below: Let's take a look at this one. The vapors were wonderful, the polish was opaque in almost one coat so I went with 2, and it dried as fast as any fast-drying modern day polish.

Above & Below: This shade is called Heart Strings and is a medium pink hued mauve shimmer with small round, square, and hexagon shaped multi colored glitter. In the sunlight (above), it has a very light veil of gold shimmer. In the shade (below), the shimmer and golden highlights almost disappear, making it look more like a creme finish with glitter.

Below: This photo was taken with a flash.
Below: This macro shot of the polish on the nail shows how the glitter covers evenly, although not as dense as is it looks in the bottle.
Below: Heart Strings is similar to China Glaze Carnival Lights, only it's a little more reserved.
Below: And there's more!
Below: Mocha Cloisonne, a medium brown shimmer with pools of silver shimmer. Interesting.
Below: Orange Aura, a vivid copper shimmer.
Below: Stellar, a delicate muted peach with gold shimmer.
Below: Opal White, a milky white with an iridescent flash.
Below: French Linen, a pearl white with fine shimmer.
I researched on line quite a bit looking for information on these polishes when they arrived today, and after finding nothing, I called Forsythe and was told that they were from the late 70's when their company started. Assuming that is valid information, which I have no reason to believe it's not, Heart Strings applied like it was made yesterday. My bottle of thinner was at the ready when I opened them all up--you know it was really just because I wanted to sniff the old school formula that I had to open them all--but they seem to be of good consistency. Do any of you have any knowledge of older Forsythe polishes or have any in your collection? I'd love to hear about it if you do.


  1. So cool to have a bottle of that! Crazy, it's older than I am :D

  2. Those are awesome! I wish I still had all or at least some of my early polishes.

  3. I don't know anything about this company. But, man, I want those colors! Interesting how we still have and want the same types of colors and textures (?? is that the right the difference between matte, shimmers, satins, etc.).

  4. That Heart Strings color is really pretty! All the others look nice too.

  5. Those are really neat. I can't believe how preserved it is after so long. You would think it would need some doctoring. You are so lucky to have them!

  6. Oh my gosh, this polish is wonderful!

  7. How exciting to have those polishes. Love Heart Strings and all that lovely glitter. The other shades look very interesting and pretty also. Where did you get these? I've never heard of this brand. I love Color Club nail polish. I was just looking at all my CC glitters last night. I have on BB Couture's Tuxedo Shirt which is a gorgeous vampy shimmer. It's been on two days and I just had to whip out the Hidden Treasure. My nails look just gorgeous. That stuff is devine.

  8. Those older ones are great, where did you find/get them? Do you store them differently to keep them from drying out?

  9. ohhhhhh-ahhhhh!!! That was such an awesome post!

  10. WoooW!
    Just like the dream i love this glittery nail polish
    thanks for this great blog and nail polish review and swatch

  11. Oh, how neat! I love old stuff like that, too. What a groovy find, haha.

  12. Wow! I like Heart String a lot! Its very pretty and cute! Nice find! Where did you get them from?

  13. Well, I'm over a week behind--again, answering comments!

    Kajsa~I know, that's some pretty old polish! I wish I still had some of the ones I had when I was younger.

    EvilAngel~you and me both! I cringe when I think of what I used to have, then moving, losing them, for whatever reason, they're no longer with me.

    Kimberly~if you're familiar with Color Club, it's one in the same. And yes, it is interesting how things change, but yet they don't!

    Susy~that was my favorite right away. The others are nice too, some more so than others, but Heart Strings is a beauty.

    Cara~the formula seems just fine. I was all set to have to thin them or something, but they're good!

    Rebecca~I love polish, but as a collector too, this made my day!

    Lucy~still loving the HT! Glad you found it and love it, I do too. I don't recall ever seeing these ever, and I couldn't find anything on line about them either, so I finally called the company. I'll be sharing my source with everyone very soon :)

    Jackie S.~I was a little more than excited about this, believe me!

    Bunny Masseuse~well, I guess if they haven't dried out by now, they're going to still be alright in my care! I'll just store them with all of my others and am not planning to do anything special to them. I'll be posting where I got them soon!

    Skulda~aren't they great! I'm loving 'em!

    Shaimaa~well thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the blog--and this polish!

    LacquerMuse~groovy indeed! We should use that word more often~ha-ha!

    Tasha~isn't it pretty? I just love it and am thrilled that it applied so well being so old. I'll let everyone know very soon where these came from :)