Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OPI Mad As A Hatter & A Distant Cousin, Sation Holiday Spirit

While nothing quite compares to OPI's Mad as a Hatter, I did notice some similarities in it when compared with Sation's Holiday Spirit. In the bottle, you can see that the concept is similar, but the shades are not identical. OPI stands out as the domineering one both in color and in glitter size.

Below: Mad as a Hatter on the nail is a multi colored shower of glitter, and even though it takes me 3 or 4 coats when not using a base color, it's worth every one of them!
Below: Even in the shade, there's no quieting this one down.
Below: Macro shots showing the detail of Mad as a Hatter, and below, Holiday Spirit. They look more similar on the nail than in the bottle.

Below: Sation's Holiday Spirit tries hard to keep up with Mad as a Hatter, and I give it an 'A' for effort. This one also requires 3-4 coats with no base color.
Below: Like Mad as a Hatter, the shade does little to tone this one down.
Below: The coverage isn't quite as good on the Sation, but I refuse to do more than 4 coats. The glitter is finer, and I'm sure it would work just as well as a top coat over a darker shade.
They're not exactly dupes, but they are somewhat similar in my opinion. The Sation doesn't have quite the jelly texture that the OPI has, so I found it a little easier to apply. The Sation has an oddly smooth texture when it dries, but that doesn't make it any better when it comes to the removal. It removed in typical glitter fashion! I had ordered some Sation's from VNS because I had a few already and wanted to explore the brand a little more. For $1.25, I didn't have much to lose!


  1. I think they are both pretty! I'd probably use the Sation more for layering.

  2. Barry M silver cascade looks a lot like it too!

  3. I think I almost prefer the Sation to the OPI, I like that the glitter isn't as big as MAAH. Thanks for the comparison!


  4. Um I have that Station and it is totally different! Mine is a grey jelly polish with holo glitter, but I got it almost 3 years ago I guess they tweaked it. I want this one now :P

  5. I like them both but I prefer MAAH hysteria. ;) That Sation has smaller glitter which makes it look more subtle to me!

  6. When something shines that much, it becomes my favorite, no questions asked!
    Loooooove them:)

  7. I really like the comparison! However I think OPI wins for my taste :)

  8. The Sation sounds like a less grittier cousin of the OPI. Great for layering! Thanks!

  9. I like the finer texture of the Sation, both very pretty :)

  10. sparkly! i always like staring at glitter polishes :)

  11. What a gorgeous polish. I love that one! The Station polish looks close but not as gorgeous. I want to try other shades.

  12. Although OPI is one of my favorite nailpolish brands, I must say that in this case I prefer the finer texture of Station ;-)


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