Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Shades From QRS/Quirius!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone's having a great weekend and that Monday doesn't come too soon for you! My charming mailman dropped these off this morning and there was a little note that just read "Mary, these are our new colors!". Check them out and read more about my thoughts on Quirius below.

Above & Below: L-R: Home of the Brave, Madam Crimson, News of the Beloved, Sweet Melon, Scent of Lilac, Frozen Tears. These appear to be all cremes with the exception of Frozen Tears (love the name!). This one looks to have a finish much like Sally Hansen's Sea and Be Seen, Dive Deeper, and Silver Lining, although my photos are making it look more like a straight foil. I don't see these on their web site yet, but I'll see if I can find out when they'll be available.
I'm glad I received these today for 2 reasons--one, new polishes are always fun to share with you! And two, there was a review on All Lacquered Up the other day on her experience with Quirius, and quite frankly, I was rather surprised by it. I'm not one for starting controversy and that's certainly not my intention here. But I am one for loyalty to both people and brands who treat me well, and I felt the need to address the fact that in my opinion, QRS makes a great polish for the price. I didn't want to make a post solely on my thoughts of QRS as a rebuttal to what others may experience with them, so receiving these today gave me an opportunity to share and compare my experiences. I have purchased a number of Quirius polishes with my own money, as well as receiving a number of them at no cost for review purposes. I don't base my love of something or my displeasure with something based on how I obtained it. When I do receive something at no cost, the only thing I feel obligated to do, is to take the time to try it out and write a post about it. The practice of giving bloggers products, works for all parties involved--we get to sample products at no cost and we sometimes have the opportunity to try brands we might not have otherwise. The provider gets free advertising, be it good or bad, which often times leads to more sales if it's viewed well by the blogger. At any rate, I have more than 50 QRS polishes and have never had chipping issues with them. There have been a few that have been a bit streaky or thick, but honestly, I think if you have dozens of polishes from any one brand, particularly the more inexpensive brands, you could probably find some that aren't perfect within that brand. Personally, I think for $3.00 each (or $2.50 each if you make your own set of 6), QRS makes a decent polish at a very reasonable cost, especially when you factor in how inexpensive their shipping it. Their customer service ranks with the best of the best, which is always important to me. My only complaint is that I wish they'd come out with some more unique polishes. Not that they don't have any, because they have quite a few of them. Knowing that they are capable of making such polishes though, just makes me want them to do it more often. We all have different experiences with products based on how we use them, what other products we use them with, and even own body chemistry. Have you had problems with this brand? If you have any of their polishes, what do you think of them?
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. I love the blue and red one
    never heard of this brand!

  2. I never heard of this brand before I saw it on ALU... maybe you could do a wear test for us??

  3. You should do a wear test for us, because this post did nothing to "rebut" ALU's review. In fact, it made you sound like your "loyalty to brands that treat you well" (aka, give you free stuff) is influencing you. Really, your con for this brand is "I wish they'd come out with some more unique polishes. Not that they don't have any, because they have quite a few of them."? I don't always agree with ALU, but at least she backed up her opinion with fact, rather than wishy-washy PR-friendly crap.

  4. Mary, I'm super excited to see your swatches! These look like some pretty colors. I'm with you on their excellent and superior customer service - my own experience has been the same. ♥

  5. I only have one...Paris Night but have not tired it yet. I plan on getting more at this nail supply store I go to. IMO any polish works for me and doesn't chip thanks to SV.

  6. I have about 13 Quirius polishes and I've never had any major problems with chipping.Their customer service is excellent,the polish is cost-effective,and they ship super-fast.I really like their colour selection but I also think they should branch out more (holos?)
    Thank you for featuring this brand :)

    P.S. My NOTD is Qurius Chasity and I adore it <3

  7. Great post Mary :) I haven't tried this brand yet but it's definitely on the list! Love the look of that blue one especially!

  8. you nailed it!~there are so many smaller brands out there, I wish I could find them all! I really like the deep red one and I'm hoping it has a jelly finish.

    Anonymous~they're just one of many smaller brands that I originally picked up in a salon years ago. I hadn't heard of them either, then found them online last year. I can do a wear test if you'd like and compare it with a couple of other brands for wearability at the same time.

    Anonymous~by "loyalty to brands that treat me well", I am referring to brands providing a product that I like and their helpful and efficient customer service. I feel the same way about many products and brands that have nothing to do with nail polish and cosmetics. As I stated, I am not trying to rebut anyone. My blog contains my experience and my opinion, just as anyone else's does. I have purchased plenty of QRS polishes and continue to purchase them. I'm sorry I can't satisfy you with more "cons" for this brand, but I don't have any, which is why I continue to buy them.

  9. I have a few of their polishes, and I was very pleased with them. I didn't experience any of the problems with them that ALU complained about, and the price makes them perfect. Thanks for showcasing brands like QRS, it's awesome to know about brands that make fun quality polish at an affordable price.

    As far as wear tests go I tend not to focus that much on them since everybody's body chemistry is different.

  10. Mary- PROPS for this post! I think that its great because I know ALOT of people LOVE this brand, and I think the other review was handled distastefully. A simple "it chips bad on me" would have sufficed. Can't wait to see these polishes on you

  11. Wish we had this brand in the UK.
    Tears looks wonderful.
    Can some company please STOP WITH THE CREMES!!!!
    This is a trend that can go away now!

  12. Nicole~they do looks pretty and I'm excited to try them, although I already think Frozen Tear may be my personal favorite!

    rmcandlelight~I agree with you on the chipping--I use SV on my pedi's because I leave them on much longer than I leave my fingers painted.

    Pinkginger~I would love to see them come out with some holo's. We should eMail them that suggestion!

    Glittermillie~they're a fun, inexpensive brand. The blue looks a little different than most of my dark blues, but I'll find out once I try it.

    arientte9~there are so many nice little brands like this, but a lot of them don't have web sites so if I pick up a random one somewhere, I can't ever find them again! I agree about wear, that's why I wondered if anyone else had a problem. I've had polishes chip/wear poorly on me, then I try them another time and they're fine. If I like the color, I'm going to find a way to make it work though!

    Scandalous~well, that was my point, other than sharing the new colors. I wasn't bashing her at all or promoting QRS because they gave me free polishes. I was just surprised that she had that happen and wondered what others had experienced. I'll get to swatching these soon for you :)

  13. I don't own any of this brand. I do have a list of "wants". I always trust your opinion Mary. I've always found you to be totally honest about products. I don't always trust others that have gotten free products for years and are friends with many of the people who give them. I think it's hard to be objective about someones product who's a personal friend. I will eventually be ordering from Quirius. There's quite a few polish shades I like. I also love the name Frozen Tears.

  14. i believe that you are one of the most objective and honest bloggers out there right now Mary and am more inclined to listen to your opinion than some other "bigger names" because of that. and as Ange-Marie said, chipping issues are mostly due to body chemistry. so yeah, i think the other review was handled distastefully. this product has been on my list to try for a while now. these colors look beautiful and i can't wait to see your swatches :)

  15. Hi Mary. I started reading polish blogs for fun. when people like "anonymous" up there get involved they just make it unpleasant and nasty, they take the fun right out of it.

    I love your blog. Your reviews are honest and your pictures are wonderful. I have found many of my favorite polishes by looking at your swatches. :)
    ps. Frozen Tears might just be my first QRS, it's gorgeous!

  16. I don't want to say anything about blogger reviews because that's an entirely complicated topic altogether. What I can say is, in spite of that review of ALU, I will try this brand for myself for this very simple reason: IMO, nail polish wear differs from one person to another. For instance I know a lot of people who have drying issues and chipping with Zoya - but I've never had that problem and I have over 100 Zoya polishes!

    Keep up the good work in reviewing products for us.

  17. Great post, Mary.

    Everyone has different experiences with a product, and its wise to look at many reviews to make your own decisions.

    Thank you for staying objective.

    The colors of this brand are pretty - definitely interested in the light/medium purple pictures and the one on the far right.

  18. I'm interested in seeing various expiriences with QRS, mostly, because I do not have any and I didn't even know yoiu could buy them online. I'm definitely going to be checking them out, though.

  19. It's a $3 bottle. I wish people would understand that it's not as if this is OPI, Chanel, or NARS that's chipping. If you charged me anything north of $10 a bottle and it started chipping immediately, I'd be pissed beyond belief.

    I still want to try these puppies out, chips or not. It's $3 a pop and honestly, that's not enough of a dent in my wallet to cause my serious grief.

    Their color selection alone makes up for whatever "quality issues" people have. I change my polish every night, so, seriously, chips won't piss me off enough. They'll just make me change my colors faster. Negative experiences with polishes need to be labelled as an *individual* thing, rather than a universal event. That's a lot of bad rep for QRS to swallow because one person had a bad experience. As far as most of the other nay-sayers go, don't knock it until you've tried it. Otherwise, stfu. Please. ^^

    Mary, great colors here and definitely excited to see these. More love from Michigan! :)
    ~Lady C

  20. Hi Mary! Thanks for posting about this brand! I placed an order this morning and am eager to try them out. I do want to note that the "Free Choice" set for $15 doesn't seem to be available; it's listed as "out of stock" on the site right now. Still $3 is a great price and they ship to Hawaii without charging me an arm & leg, always a plus!

  21. I was honestly surprised by ALU's comments as well. I have always been happy with the application and wear of Quirius' polishes. As a fellow nail blogger, I know how some people think "Oh, she just doesn't want to say anything bad about the company because she is getting free stuff." Sometimes a good, inexpensive product is just that.

  22. Ooooh the bright green and lilac look gorgeous. I'm personally more interested in the customer service aspect, formula and colour of polishes I hear about in the blogosphere - the longevity or wear of a polish means nothing to me, because I have the ability to chip OPI and China Glaze within a day =/ but that's prob just me.

  23. Jaljen~Frozen Tears reminded me of something and I couldn't recall what. It just dawned on me--L'Oreal Party Hop. I agree somewhat with the cremes, as they're not my favorite finish. Mainly because I often have trouble applying them!

    Lucy~I'm glad I can help you out on your polish choices! Your feedback is always appreciated. I ooh and ahh over plenty of polishes, and the thing is, I'm not going to make something up just because I received $15.00 worth of free product, as in this case, or $150.00 worth of product. I either like it or I don't.

    Kellie~thank you. You know, I can't tell you the last time I wore a polish for more than 2, maybe 3 days, so I can't comment on something not having 5 day wear. I do know that I've not had this brand chip on me after a day or 2 though, and I completely agree about the body chemistry issue.

    Cara~I'm with you on that. It is just for fun and for information that we read/write blogs. I hope most of you understand the point I was trying to make with this post and it wasn't to start a fight with anyone. But it is the internet and thoughts and emotions are often misinterpreted. But yes, I am very excited to try Frozen Tears by the way it looks in the bottle. I hope it transfers to the nail that way :)

    bellebathe&beyond~I have heard that about Zoya probably more than any other brnad, and like you, I love mine and have never had a problem like that. It is interesting, the various reactions some nails have to products.

    Squared Nails~absolutely look at more than one opinion. If you start to see a trend in something being of poor quality or not working right, be it polish or anything, it's best to pass it up. Polish wear can be a very personal experience, or it can be pretty universal too.

    The Nail Narc~if you do a blog search you'll see quite a few reviews on them. The general concensus is that thay're a decent product for the cost. But of course, everyone have different experiences (I think I'm repeating myself here!).

    Twister~they do look pretty! The red and blue are starting to interest me after looking at them. I'm not a creme fan, but they're growing on me!

    Lady C~yes, I have to agree with you on the cost factor. It's not that big of a deal to me (I'm talking about the ones I've paid for here, not the ones I got for free--just so someone doesn't misinterpret what I'm saying!) if an inexpensive polish disappoints. Now if my RBL's chipped after a day, I'd be irritated! I have so many lesser known brands of polish, and they're among my favorites for their unique shades. And their formulas are usually pretty good. Thanks for the Wolverine state love!

    Kitty~thanks for mentioning that. I see what you mean now, although they do have the sets already made up for that price. But it's more fun making your own! Their shipping is really cheap, isn't it?

    cupper82~well I really was too, that's why I wondered if anyone else had had this happen. She had some serious wear issues with hers and I honestly did a double take because I have never had anything even remotely that bad happen with this brand. Not saying it can't happen, obviously it did. They're not perfect, but that was unusual, for sure. And agreed, I have plenty of products that didn't cost much but perform just fine.


  25. I particularly love these polishes. I think it all depends on the person PH. I have had my friend and I wear the same essie color and it will last me a week easy with minor chips, and her will chip the next day. Same bottle same manicurist. So I think its relative to the person. As far a QRS I've never had any problems with the application, their neons dry matte. With a good top coat they last for days with normal chip. They have amazing color selections for very reasonable pricing. I just tried their Q-GEL in two colors and they nailed the application. The application is even and nice thickness to it and long lasting.