Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Quirius Shades: Part II (and 4 older ones!)

Last week I showed you 3 new shades from QRS/Quirius, and here's a look at the other 3. I was in the swatching mood today because it's cool and cloudy out--just a lazy day--so I have 4 older shades to show you too. Put your sunglasses on and have a look at Sweet Melon.

Above: Sweet Melon, one of the soon to be available new colors, is a very bright (that's an understatement!) neon lime green. This one dried to a more satin than matte finish, and I used 3 coats. The formula was somewhat streaky and I would have preferred 2 coats, but the final coat did give it a much more even look.
Below: News of the Beloved is another new shade, and it too dried to a satin finish. Both of these photos were taken with a flash, because I think that type of lighting shows the level of the gloss better than an Ott lamp. This one also required 3 coats for an even finish, and even then, you can still see a bald spot on my pinkie that refused to cover on this medium/lighter lavender creme.
Below: Home of the Brave, the last of the new shades, has a near jelly finish with a high gloss shine. This one was almost opaque with one coat, and is shown under an Ott lamp with 2 coats. A deep cobalt blue is how I would describe this creme shade.
Below: Keep in Touch is a neon shade that dried to a satin finish. It isn't as fluorescent as Sweet Melon, but it's still going to get attention! This one had a really nice application and is shown with a flash using 2 coats. This is, in my mind, more of a hot pink than a fluorescent pink, if that makes any sense!
Below: Bazooka is a fail to me simply because of the streaks that are clearly evident. I used 2 coats and I'm not so sure 3 would have made a difference. The combination of the finish type--a cross between a frost and a pearl--and the fact that it was a bit on the thick side, made for a less than desirable look on this pale pink shimmer.
Below: Portside has a great formula, and like Home of the Brave above, was nearly opaque in one coat. This perfect red creme has a high gloss finish and applied like a dream.
Below: Glittering Rainbow is filled with small holographic multi colored glitter and works nicely as a top coat (2 coats).

My eyes are still blinded from Sweet Melon! All in all, these are nice shades with the exception of Bazooka. I think I was hoping for a nice baby pink shimmer, but the actual finish is obviously streaky and distracting from the shade, and it's too frosty for my taste. News of the Beloved was just nothing special to me, and I was getting aggravated that the bald spot on my pinkie refused to accept the polish. The others I liked quite well, particularly Portside, Home of the Brave, and Keep in Touch. Glittering Rainbow is a beautiful addition to any polish, and I think it would be even prettier over a deep purple or navy blue shade. These retail for $3.00 each, or you can build your own set of 6 for $15.00.
*The three "new" shades were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Just put on my shades for sweet melon. lol! Too bad for Bazooka :(

  2. I'm such a sucker for blues like Home of the Brave. I must try this brand asap!

  3. I'm loving all of these, especially Sweet Melon and News of the Beloved :)

  4. Sweet Melon, sweet eyes! Definitely a pedi color, I even have flip flops that probably match it!

  5. I love love love sweet melon!!!!! News of the Beloved and home of the brave are very pretty colors too :o)

  6. Portside and Home of the Brave are my two favorites. Sweet Melon really is bright. Shame about that streaky shade of pink. Haven't ordered any yet but I will.

  7. Sweet Melon puts my In The Limelight toes to SHAME! I do believe I will be putting in another order to Quirius.. I need that bad boy in my collection!!

  8. I love News of the Beloved! But that's just me... ;)

  9. rmcandlelight~isn't that bright? I was blinded :) Yes, Bazooka would be a nice, dainty color--if it performed better.

    Savvy~the application and pigmentation on that one was incredible. And it's a great shade of blue.

    Jo~I think I've had lavender overload lately so News of the Beloved was pretty, but nothing unique from anything else I have in that shade family. Sweet Melon was just wildly bright!

    Lily nail~I think it would look very pretty with a Konad stamp on it, just not sure what color. Something else bright though :)

    Ashley~you're right! A great pedi color and I know I have flip flops to match too!

    Twister~I think I would've like News of the Beloved more if it hadn't been so stubborn on the spot on my pinkie. I should give it another go, because it is a nice lilac.

    Lucy~Portside I loved. Beautiful application and I loved the finish, so shiny.

    Delaynee~it's bright, it may be the brightest I have in this shade. I'll have to do some comparing.

    tasha~it's not a bad color to like at all, it's very pretty. I just have others like it.