Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Sister & Niece Understand My Addiction!

I'm buried in clouds and rain again here, so I've given up swatching for the day! But this post is nail-related, I promise! My oldest sister and my niece understand my love of polish very well, which is one of the many reasons I love them! Although I may hate my sister just a little bit for weighing little over 100 lbs. and looking damn good for 53! My niece at 16, is a fellow nail polish freak in the making, which makes Aunt Mary very proud.

They live in Clemson, South Carolina, and called me this morning from a flea market about 20 minutes away, all excited because there was a table of nail polish there, among many other things. They were reading me all of the brands, most of which I didn't recognize, other than one called Absolute, which I have only a few of. My sister was especially taken with the ones in the ornate gold filigree bottles. Here's the picture she sent--how I wish I could be there too!
They picked up all kinds of different ones for me, so I'm excited to see what they chose. I know whatever they are, I'll love them! I don't know if my family completely understands my attraction to nail polish, but they continue to enable me, and that's just fine with me. My other sister surprised me with a bottle of Chanel Gold Fiction last year, so she's equally a great sister! Much love and thanks to them for taking an interest in my hobby!


  1. OMG first your neice is just beautiful!
    Those bottles are beautiful and it looks like there are some Golden Rose polishes on that table. Perhaps the vendor has Turkish roots.
    Just beautiful, I hope to find a magical table of unknown nail polish beauty someday!

  2. I'm like Andrea, the only ones I recognized were the Golden Rose ones. I would love to find that at a flea market! Then again, I haven't been to one in about 10 years.

  3. Your sister is very youthful-looking. 53! Wow.

    I've never wished I had a sister or a niece but I can see some benefit in it now! Too late however.

  4. Very sweet and considerate of them! It'll be so much fun when you get the polish - I hope you'll show us all the different things.

  5. Very nice find! My family definatly feed into my nail polish addiction- I only asked for polish for birthdays and christmases as a kid and they never failed to deliver! It's nice to have supportive family!

  6. You have a lovely sister and neice. Your just a beautiful family all round! I think I'd try and buy the whole table full. Hope the prices are really cheap. Can't wait to see what you get.

  7. hehe, another that guessed those nail polish bottles were Golden Cosmetics! They just started to get a booth in my local mall.

  8. was that pic taken at the jockey lot?

  9. Andrea~thank you, I'd have to agree with you on my niece! Maybe they are Golden Rose--yay! I'd love to come across something like this too :)

    Arrianne~I haven't been to a flea market in forever! There aren't any in my immediate area, but I told my husband about their find and he said there's one about 40 minutes away, so we'll have to check it out.

    jaljen~she's very active and has always been interested in good nutrition, some things that I am not! Yep, sisters have their benefits :)

    DesertNails8~I'll definitely post a picture and some swatches! Can't wait to see them.

    tasha~that's very nice of your family! I always feel bad for people when they say their family doesn't support their nail polish habit!

    Lucy~aw, thank you! I'd prbably scream out loud if I found something fun like that! Oh, I forgot to mention the price--$1.00 for every bottle!

    Bunny Masseuse~interesting! Maybe we'll start to see more of them popping up.

    ThisIsKia~she told me it was in a town called Pickens, if that helps! I think she said it was called the Bargain Exchange?

  10. Oh that is so nice of them, its nice when family maybe not understand out addiction but the support it non he less :)

  11. Jackie S.~they take and interest and always ask about it, so that's good! Even my Dad 'acts' like he's interested for my sake :)

  12. I am familiar with all the bottles (since brands would be too strong a word)!:)
    I love the colour range (nothing beats shades by obscure manufacturers) and the price (at least in Central Europe, they are as little as 0.40 € here) and even the rare wrong batches that won't dry/smell weird/chip practically before they've been applied are worth it, simply because of the aesthetic dimension :)

  13. Family love...Bow. In anything our family is always on the first line of support....Just great..... Your sister doesn't look 53, how is that possible?