Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Favorite Coral: Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

Coral shades are a favorite of mine during the summer months, and there's none better to me than Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral. This vibrant shade cannot be described as a red-based, orange-based, or pink-based coral, because it somehow manages to encompass all of those shades, depending on your surroundings and lighting.

Above: In full sunlight is look like a true coral--is there such as thing as a coral-based coral?
Below: When the sun peeks behind the clouds, a high-gloss pink or fuchsia-based coral appears.
Below: With a flash and in brighter indoor lighting, it's more or a darker shade of melon.
Below: Outdoors in full shade, it loses none of its vibrancy.
This is such an interesting polish for a coral cream, and I don't believe I have ever seen another polish in this shade family with so many personalities. RBL Coral is nearly opaque in one coat, although I normally choose to use two coats, which I did for this application. While these are one of the more expensive brands out there at $18.00 for a slightly smaller than average bottle (.4 oz), they have never disappointed me. The application is always easy with this brand, and it's as if they have some kind of built-in self-flowing accuracy component! Do you like corals or have any favorites?


  1. These are so pretty, but they seem to lean more towards pink than red =D

  2. That is a beautiful shade of coral on you. Last night I wanted to put away my RBL polish that was hanging with other polishes. I couldn't find them at first. I looked through all my drawers and every container but the last one on the bottom. There they were! I was a bit panicked at first. Next I couldn't find all of my OPI holo's. They were in the same place. I had ordered a few and wanted to add them with the others. Don't do things when your sleepy! Whenever RBL has a good sale I'll be adding this shade to my collection. Hope they have one soon.

  3. those are nice shades on you!.
    i have a couple corals.. they tend to look like reds on me because of my skin color... so I dont have many. maybe i need a more pastelly coral

  4. I love corals, they are great for summer! This a really pretty one, I'd love to get it sometime! :)

  5. ANSTAH~it definitely does lean more coral and pink in most cases, but every now and again I saw a darker, more red color. Love this shade though, whatever color it is!

    Twister~thanks, I am so happy with this color.

    Lucy~I would panick if I lost my RBL's! I believe they may be having a sale in November--at least I hope so!

    Susy~I do too, and there are certain ones that although I love them, they're somewhat streaky--mostly the more orange toned corals. These have such nice application though.

  6. What a lovely coral. It looks fantastic ;-)