Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Milani Liquid Metal Intense Colors Summer 2010: Part I

Milani recently released a Summer 2010 collection, and I have the first three of six shades for you this morning. I'm hoping the sun comes out this afternoon, because my photos taken under an Ott lamp don't do these beauties justice. You can read my original post and press info here.

Above & Below: Melt in the Sun is a deep amber gold shade with both lighter and darker versions of the base color found in the glitter. This shade is more amber than gold and all three of these covered very well in 2 coats.

Below: Metal Gear is a vivid copper hue bordering on a burnt orange color. This one has both copper and gold glitter.

Below: In the bottle, Melt With U looked to me like a brick red shade, but once applied, it's a beautiful candy apple red with red shimmer.

Nice job, Milani! All three of these shades are very pigmented and were almost opaque with just one coat. My camera and the indoor lighting I'm using isn't picking up the detail of this glitter, so let me see if I can explain it a little better. It seems to look more like a diffused glitter or even a crushed glitter, because it blends into the base more than a lot of glitters do. It's very fine glitter and in real life, Melt With U's glitter is somewhat less obvious, possible because it only contain the same color of glitter as the base, whereas the other two shades appear to have bi-colored glitter. The formula was just the right consistency, perhaps even slightly on the thin side. Billed as metallic shades, they are also somewhat foil-like, but with zero brush strokes--always a good thing! These have excellent coverage, dried a bit faster than average, and have a somewhat unique finish. Next up, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the clouds blow over, are the other three shades in this collection.
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. The word "vivid" may have been invented for these varnishes.
    One needs sunspecs for these!

  2. Oh I luv these! Knew I would, Can't wait to see the next 3, Hope the sun comes back soon!

  3. These are really pretty! Wow 1 coat! I surely hope I find these. CVS are you listening. lol!

  4. Wow, these polishes really look fab.

  5. I love the look of these polishes. I will definitely be looing for them. I love polishes with a foil finish look to them. I really like these shades.

  6. Ooh these are very pretty! I'll have to check CVS, I really want Metal Gear!!

  7. Woow stunning colours!! Love their brightness ;-)

  8. jaljen~they are vivid and intense. Incredibly pigmented. I love how sparkly they look and the type of glitter. Very nice :)

    Kitty~if you pick some up, you'll love them!

    Aru~glad you like them! It's a nice array of shades in this collection.

    rmcandlelight~scope out the CVS stores, because I don't think they'll be around much after the end of July!

    Charlie~you've described them very well!

    Lacquer Ware~they are! You need to find some of these :)

    CucumPear~I thought they looked lovely in the bottle, but I didn't realize how pigmented they were. Very nice.

    Lucy~I like foil finishes too and these look like them, but apply better. Always appreciated!

    Susy~for a coppy shade, that one's really bright. I think it would be nice in the Fall also.

    Golden Wishes~their vivid colors combined with the sparkle--WoW! They definitely catch your eye and I think they did a good job choosing the shades.