Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forsythe Rosy Glow

The sun popped out for a short time this afternoon, so here's a look at another old Forsythe polish that I was particularly curious about, based on the bottle appearance. This is called Rosy Glow, although I think a better name might be Golden Plum.

Above & Below: This was opaque in one coat, but I did use 2 hoping to get a little more of the golden veil of shimmer to appear. This shade is a plum creme with gold micro-glitter.
Below: The two photos below show how in the shade, it appears as a more grape purple creme sprinkled with tiny gold glitter.

Below: This is the bottle picture, so you can see why I was curious how this would translate to the nail.
Below: Macro shot showing the glitter detail on the nail.

So far, I'd say that Heart Strings and Rosy Glow are among my favorites of these old Forsythe polishes. This one also applied very well, and they seem to dry at an average to a little faster than average rate. I'm trying to get some photos of all of them with the names, but I'm forced to take them indoors because of the excess of clouds and rain we're experiencing. I thought it was supposed to by summer! I'll try to get them posted tonight and also let you know how you can order some, if you're interested in adding some very old polishes to your collection.


  1. I definitely agree that golden plum is a better name! gorgeous.

  2. That is such a pretty one!

  3. Beautiful shade, love the shimmer :)

  4. Biba~I do too! The gold shimmer against that p urple shade is gorgeous.

    Rebecca~I didn't really see the 'rosy'. Much more plum to me anyway!

    Amy~glad you like it too!

    Ayuu~me too. I always adore the ones that have a 'veil' type of gold overlay.

  5. That is gorgeous. I used to have a blouse that color. It was my favorite. It was a silky material with the same kind of gold shimmer to the shade. Love that on you.