Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eyeko Shades Spring/Summer 2010: Tea Rose, Coral & Posh

Yesterday I showed you 3 re-promoted shades from Eyeko, and today I have 3 of the 5 new shades they've introduced for Spring/Summer 2010.

Above: Tea Rose is a muted darker shade of Carnation pink with a slight hint of mauve. This work-safe creme is still vibrant enough to satisfy me.
Below: Coral is a reddish-orange coral that applies on the nail a little darker and more orange toned than how it appears in the bottle. I love corals of all shades, and this one is no exception.
Below: Posh, a medium taupe creme that doesn't seem to be an exact match to any other taupes I have (Can one have too many taupes? I don't think so!), covered perfectly in 2 coats.
Below: A bottle comparison to some other taupe shades L-R Rimmel Steel Grey, Eyeko Posh, American Apparel Mouse, Orly Prince Charming.
Below: Eyeko also included one of their Graffiti Eye Liner Pens in Fierce Purple. It has a felt tip end for easy control of the application, and they're smudge-proof, fade-proof, and long lasting. These retail for $8.00 and are also available in Navy, Black and Brown.
Below: I swatched the eye pen on my hand and it is highly pigmented. It didn't come off with soap and water, but removed well with my eye make up remover.
I haven't used the eye liner pen yet other than swatching it, so I can't comment on how it wears, although it dried quickly and is packed with color, so it certainly seems like it would wear well. The polishes really impressed me with their application, and I am happy with all of the shades. The formula on these is creamy and perhaps ever so slightly on the thick side, but that actually helped with the application. The brushes seem to pick up a lot of polish, but because of the consistency of the formula, it's very easy to control the amount that goes on the nail. I'd say what impressed me the most about these, is how pigmented they are and how evenly they cover in just 2 coats. There were a couple of them that actually covered to a wearable finish in just one coat. These retail for $5.00 each, and although the bottle size is smaller than the standard 0.5, (Eyeko's are 0.3 fl. oz.), the quality of the formula is definitely above average.
*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. I love the taupe as well! Could it be a dupe for Particuliere from Chanel?

  2. Eyeko polishes are love! I don't have any of those they gave you to review (yet), but I have Vampira, Indigo and Cosmic and they are so awesome!

  3. i love eyeko, thought i only have two and none of the new ones!

  4. i don't usually like colors like tea rose but this one is sucking me in and posh makes me think of playing in mud puddles with butterflies as a kid

  5. I saw Eyeko item that turns anything into eyeliner and had to try it. Bought their mascara which is pretty nice, I was thinking about their eyeliner as well but didn't. Now I think I just changed my mind, I have been looking for a cool purple like that..

  6. I have all the Eyeko except Cosmic and Indigo.
    I am thinking of buying 2 sets and giving them away to US and rest-of-the-world readers. Nude is gorgeous. Also Lilac and Vintage. And Posh and Tea Rose. It's a cute brand and cheap in the UK.

    Not done it yet but it's in my head!

  7. I never had anything from Eyeko, guess it's time to try it.
    I like so much that purple eyeliner, must look lovely!!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tea rose.. must get it.

    Pink Nail Blog!

  9. Love these three also. The Tea Rose is so pretty. Posh is really awesome also. I love all coral also. Darn I have to check these out.

  10. Eva~I do to! I was afraid it may be a dupe of something, but it's a little different than others I have.

    Jo~I don't have that Chanel, so I can't say for sure. I just read somewhere and I'm sorry I can't recall where, that it is close, but not identical.

    kuya~that's good to hear! I want to try a couple of other because I love these.

    jbrobeck~I am really loving these! I think the colors and formula combined would make for some nice Konad looks too.

    peripatetic33~Tea Rose is such a pretty shade, not necessarily my type of color either though, yet I'm enjoying it. And yes, I could see how Posh could remind you of mud puddles--in a good way!

    Kim~some of their other products are going to pull me in, I just know it! This eye liner is intense! I'll have to give it a try.

    jaljen~they certainly are much better than I expected. I just thought they were cute, but had no idea what a nice formula they had.

    rmcandlelight~do you have any yet? I just know I'm going to get more of them, I love them :)

    Golden Wishes~I've been reading a number of other blogs who have tried them, and they seem to like them as well. The eye liner is in my 'to try' pile!

    pretty~yes, you love the pinks! It's lovely.

    Lucy~yep, you need them all! Ha-Ha!

  11. Hehe fellow taupe nails lover! My taupe radar spied Posh immediately ;)