Thursday, June 3, 2010

Essie Summer 2010: Pretty Edgy

Pretty Edgy, a vivid palmetto green from Essie's Summer Collection, lives up to the hype that surrounded it after the promo pictures were released. If you're a fan of green to any degree, this one needs to be in your collection!

Above & Below: The top photo was taken in full sun, while the photo below is in the shade. This high gloss creme had the best formula of the four I've tried so far in this collection, and covered nicely in 2 coats.
Below: I can't quite put my finger on it--my finger with this luscious green polish on it--but as far as describing the color, it's a medium shade of Kelly green, perhaps a slight shade lighter. But it's not exactly a Kelly green. It seems to have a touch of muddiness or dustiness to it that tones it down ever so slightly.
Below: Here's a bottle comparison to give you an idea of the shade. On the left is Quirius Ivy Wreath, and on the right is Sally Hansen Going Green. It's closest to Going Green, but it's a creme vs. a shimmer, and it's a little lighter in color. I would say it has a bit more yellow in it, while the Sally Hansen has a bit more blue, but they're fairly close.
I'm loving this shade of green! It's just beautiful to look at, especially if you like greens like I do. The formula was perfect and it's so pigmented that even the first coat showed very little streaking. It seems to have just the right amount of yellow in it to make it the perfect green. It is pretty edgy, I'll have to admit!


  1. I'm in love with greens. This looks delicious on you. I have to buy this one. I think there's a few more from this collection that I also want.

  2. nice, looks a lot darker than the bottle though.

  3. Ugh, COMPLETELY gorgeous Mary! Great swatches and thank you for the bottle comparison!

  4. It's beautiful! I love greens and must have this one!! :)

  5. OMG!! That green is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for your swatches, they are really helpful to see how they actually look.