Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Essie Summer 2010: Knockout Pout

Knockout Pout is a vivid medium pink shade that is a quasi neon, much like Haute as Hello was, also from Essie's Summer 2010 collection. I didn't realize from the promo pictures that these two shades were so glowy and bright, but I rather like their neon wanna be tendencies!
Above & Below: I used 2 coats on this one, again touching up a few streaks after the first coat. The formula was slightly thick, and dried relatively fast. These photos were taken outdoors under partly sunny skies.
Below: This photo was taken indoors with a flash, so the color is washed out. I wanted to show you the satin finish that both this one and Haute as Hello have. It's not nearly as matte or flat as a true neon, but it does lack the glossy finish that many Essie's have. I actually like it this way, but you could certainly add a clear top coat if you wanted a shinier finish.
Essie describes this shade as a hot supercharged pink, and I'd have to agree with that description. Both this shade and Haute as Hello definitely have a glow to them and really pop even with a slight tan. From the three shades I've tried so far, this is a very nice collection of summer shades. There are 4 shades that are quite bold, and 2 that appear in the bottle at least, to be a little more subtle (Miss Matched and Demure Vixen).


  1. That is one gorgeous pink. "I WANT"! :)

  2. I love this! I am a brights/neon girl so this is a really cool color :D

  3. Hey Mary! I love these pinks. I can't to get this collection from Essie.

  4. I love that kind of bright pink ! I need this one :)

  5. I love how they have the neon finish :D

  6. Very pretty pinks. I'm undecided whether to buy these two. I have many many pinks. Are they really very different than any others?

  7. i didn't know these were going to be matte-ish either. still can't decide if i really love them or not...jury is still out :)


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