Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Essie Summer 2010: Haute as Hello

Racy scorching coral. That's the official description from Essie on this shade from their newest release, simply called Essie Summer 2010. This creme shade to me is a slightly pink-based coral that although not scorching necessarily, it is certainly eye-catching.

Above & Below: The photo above is fairly true to color and was taken under an Ott lamp. We're having some rain storms today, so the outdoor photo below is a little dark. I used 2 coats and I did touch up a few streaks after the first coat. This isn't a neon, but I found it interesting that the finish is much more satin, as compared to the high gloss of Vermillionaire.
Below: A few similar polishes to give you a better idea of Haute as Hello's color.
This is a perfect shade for summer and I think I'll do a pedicure using it later this week. As I was applying it, I kept thinking it reminded me of this polish or that polish. But when I pulled those out and lined them up (above), it really doesn't come close to any of them. It definitely has a coral tone to it, and I would describe it as a pink-based melon shade. It's bright--not too bright like a neon shade, but it does have a more satin finish as opposed to a glossy finish.
Seeing that BB Couture polish reminds me that today is Kim's birthday at Overall Beauty. Happy Birthday, Kim! If you get a chance, wish her a good one on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. I want to wear coral. I'm just not sure I can. Suppose I'll have to take the plunge...Never going to look as good on me as it does on you though...

  2. really like this, but apprehensive about the formulation.

  3. I want this! No i NEED this hehe.. and I think it will look great on the toes ;D

  4. I like this even more because it has a satiny finish :D that's one thing I really love about neons, as weird as it is.

  5. I love coral shades. Looks lovely on you. I think there's a shade of coral for everyone. Another shade I probably have many of. Maybe I'll just buy the green from this collection.

  6. I'm not much into corals but must admit that this one looks gorgeous for summer. Good selection.