Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Color Club Poptastic Swatches & Review

Color Club's Poptastic Collection has a total of 9 shades, and it is also available in a 7 piece boxed set, which is what I have to show you today. The other available shades are Jackie OH! (a bright coral pink neon shade) and Mrs. Robinson (a purple/fuchsia shade). All of the polishes in this collection are cremes, and the majority of them are neons. Let's have a look at the colors, which are all shown using 2 coats and photographed outside under cloudy skies and no flash.

Above: Chelsea Girl is an bright azure blue color that immediately reminded me of Pantone Process Blue, if you're familiar with their color system. The finish on these was interesting, because while they're not a high gloss, they are satin--unusual for the ones that are true neons. The application on this one was perfect.
Below: Twiggie, a lime green shade that isn't quite a neon or fluorescent, will still stand out in a crowd. The formula on this was a little streaky on the first coat and seemed a bit too thick, but all in all, it wasn't too bad.
Below: Pucci-Licious is a medium purple shade that's bright, but toned down slightly with a cornflower blue undertone.
Below: Warhol is a fluorescent neon magenta with retina-searing properties! This is brighter in real life than I was able to capture with my camera.
Below: Poptastic is a bright hot pink neon with a pretty glow to it.
Below: Wham! Pow! is an intense medium orange neon that could be used as touch up paint should you ever need to touch up an orange safety cone!
Below: Almost Famous is a colorful warm lemon yellow that actually covered quite well, for a yellow shade.
This collection surprised me in a good way, because while the colors are right on target for summer, neons and some lighter cremes are often problematic when it comes to the formula and the application. The only issues I had were with Almost Famous and Twiggie, and those weren't that bad. Their formula was a little thicker than the others, and while I observed little to no streaking on the first coat of all of the other shades, these two were somewhat streaky. The second coat diminished most of the streaks though, so they ended up being acceptable with 2 coats, like the others. For neon shades, this collection applied like a dream overall. Minimal streaking and nearly opaque in just 2 coats--not to mention the nice satin finish I ended up with. Most neons are much more matte than these, to the point where I always apply a top coat to bring out the shine. Many of these colors are very similar to other shades in my collection, although I didn't do any comparisons to be able to tell you that they're dupes of another. Even if I do have dupes to any of these, the application, coverage, and satin or semi-gloss finish alone would make me more likely to reach for these first. This set is available at various eTailers and retails for about $16.00 for the 7-piece set.

*Products in this post were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Love this collection! Erika

  2. Great swatches, Mary :D thanks for sharing!!

  3. All are very pretty colors. Great set to have if you are really into bright colors :o)

  4. My fav--Pucci-licious (I've been on such a blurple streak lately!).

  5. Thanks for the great swatches as usual! I'm definitely loving Twiggie and Pucci-Licious :)

  6. Thanks for the swatches! I already have Pucci-licious, but I want all the other ones now! :D

  7. Mary, great swatches! I am continually impressed with Color Club's formula - the Rebel Debutante collection was for the most part perfect too! And these colors are all pretty and eye catching.

  8. I love these, and I've had some of them for a little while, and I agree, Twiggie has some problems. I'm actually wearing it today, and because it is slighly thick it's already chipped on a couple of my nails! I'm hoping a bit of thinner will help it out. But if for sure is one of my favorites, Pucci-licious being another.

  9. I found this whole collection at Ross for $7.99. real talk. best summer find YET!

  10. I'm in LOVE with that green!! http://sweetglowbeauty.blogspot.com
    (remember to enter our giveaway!)

  11. I only bought Twiggie from this collection. I resisted the rest. I have a few collections of neons. They all look gorgeous on you.

  12. Erika~a fantastic little set for Summer, I agree!

    Brooke~glad you like them!

    Twister~perfect colors for the bright lovers, yes. I know in the dead of winter, just looking at this set will give me hope :)

    Kimberly~I love how it has a hint of Cornflower blue in it. That makes it really special to me--that was my favorite Crayon color as a child!

    Jo~you're very welcome. This was a fun collection to swatch and the application was really nice on them for the most part.

    Susy~yes, I think you need a few more :)

    Nicole~I love this brand too. Very reasonable in their pricing, and they always come out with some great shades in their collections.

    Ashley~most of them applied extremely well, but yes, a few issues with that one! I'll be trying the thinner route with it to see how it goes.

    Jamie~that's a great deal! We don't have a Ross here, but I've heard they have some great finds.

    Sweet Glow Beauty~I loke that shade too, a little lighter than some of the other neon greens I have.

    Lucy~I'm starting to get quite a few neons as well, but it's Summer, so that's all right!