Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chanel Mistral

My NOTD for the last 2 days has been Chanel Mistral. This is a pretty medium toned pink with almost unnoticeable gold and blue glitter. Let's take a closer look!

Above & Below: I used 2 coats and had no application problems. In fact, the application was excellent. Both photos were taken outdoors under mostly sunny skies (top) and when the clouds covered the sun (below).
Below: Doesn't the glitter look gorgeous in the this macro shot of the bottle?
Below: Unfortunately, the glitter isn't as appealing when it's on the nail.
I picked this up from the Les Pop-Up collection when it came out a few months ago along with Illusion D'or. I played with Illusion D'or for a couple of weeks and was very pleased with it. After reading several other blogs that reviewed Mistral, I lost a little interest in it because they mentioned some problems with the application and needing 3 coats. I decided to pull mine out a few days ago and while I was a little disappointed in the lack of show from the glitter, I had no issues with the application. It flowed very well and covered evenly in 2 coats, so I was happy about that. The finish on this is a very high gloss--almost jelly-like, and while the color is really nothing out or the ordinary, I do like it. It's feminine, shiny, and when I can see the glitter, it's especially pretty!


  1. Oh my! I really want this now! Haha.

  2. I like it ! Very dainty and feminine but I can find something similar for less money...

  3. Very pretty glitter in the bottle shot ")

  4. I love this one.. I would buy it if Nouvelle Vague hadnt ruined my polish shopping fond for that month :P damn ebay!

  5. such a gorgeous pink but chanel is expensive xD

  6. That's a lovely shade of pink. Very delicate and sweet shade. Looks very pretty on you. I haven't bought any Chanel yet! My girlfriend found Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine for 75% off. All the shades are very deep colors and gorgeous. I used Vivid tonight. Deep blackened burgundy with fine shimmer. It's so darn shiny. Without a topcoat it's amazingly shiny. I added a topcoat anyway. I ordered the other 4 BB Couture Cantina polishes. Also the collection for the rock group. I forget the name. Can't wait to get them.

  7. Eva~ha-ha! Don't look at it :) It is really pretty though, I like it rather well myself!

    tasha~I kept thinking the word "dainty" too. And yes, there are many others very similar out there, I'm sure.

    Twister~would that be nice if it applied looking like that? Oh well!

    rijaH~oh no! But at least you dot that one, it's lovely :)

    Colour Your Nails~thanks you! Glad you like it.

    Angie~yes, pretty but pricey. And this is not all that different from a lot of less expensive ones. But I love Chanel :)

    Lucy~I love Vivid, that is a gorgeous polish! Your BB Couture collection must be huge by now, with no signs of slowing down!