Monday, May 3, 2010

Some New Greens From Finger Paints

This post concludes a look at the newest Finger Paints I picked up last week, although there are quite a few more that I would like to have gotten!

Above & Below: Sketch N Etch is a lovely shade of lighter emerald green with micro shimmer. This applied evenly in 2 coats and is shown with a flash above, and no flash under an Ott lamp below.
Below: Tough Art To Follow is a dark olive green creme with a hint of 'dustiness' to it. I don't believe I have anything quite like this in my collection. I used 2 coats and it applied perfectly. The photo directly below is shown with a flash, and the photo below this is under an Ott lamp.

Below: Because I have a bad habit of layering everything (who, me?), here it is with Chanel Illusion D'Or.
I'm pretty impressed with the new Finger Paints I picked up, and if you scroll down over the last couple of days, you can see the other shades. I wish my Sally Beauty had them categorized as to which ones were new, rather than all mixed into the core display, but maybe it's better for my wallet that way! I didn't have my spread sheet with me to compare what I already had, and if they'd been separated, I probably would have bought a lot more of them. In other brand news, I noticed a new Summer collection on Essie's web site which says it'll be available June 1st. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.


  1. I love green polishes and Tough Art To Follow looks AMAZING!

  2. oooh the new Essie Vermillionaire is something I could get excited about. :) Not so much these greens.

  3. It looks fab with the Chanel layered over it!

  4. Loving the greens, and loving the greens layered with the gold!! Great combo :D

  5. Tough Art to Follow is amazing looking. I have to have that one. Oh Mary, you are making me want so many polishes. Good thing these aren't very expensive! I like the other green also. I added them both to my list. Looks gorgeous on you.

  6. Tough Art to Follow looks really interesting, and actually turns into something I'd wear with that Chanel glitter coat on top :D

  7. I don't think layering is a bad habit--probably because I do it a lot myself. :-)

  8. I really like tough art to follow :~)

  9. I <3 Tough Act to Follow...
    It's Gorgeous on you & appears to be somewhat jellied -
    Am I right? Nothing better than a dark green jelly!

    (Lucy you should start a Blog, I'd follow :)

    Mary you do a beautiful job, I'll sign up soon- promise!