Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sation High Tech-A Blue-Green-Sparkly-Cheapy!

Sation brand polishes are considered low-end on the nail polish price spectrum, but the quality is not bad at all on the ones I've tried so far. In fact, I'd definitely say they'll much better than average. There are quite a number of them in my untried stash, and today I decided to give High Tech a run.

Above and Below: These were all taken outdoors, some in the sun, others in the shade. I used 2 coats and the coverage was very good and the drying time was quick. This is a green shade with silver glitter that also appears as a blue-green at times.
Above & Below: The finish/glitter type reminds me of OPI Suede polishes or the Orly Foil FX polishes, only this has a glossy finish. I should have mattified it, but I love it the way it is.
Below: After I took my nail pictures, I took some pictures of what's blooming in our back yard.
Above & Below: The Peony bush is really pretty right now, and here are the stages of the blossoms. I wish they lasted longer, but they're pretty while they're around.

Below: The smaller Clematis vines have bloomed, but our big one is still budding. I'll take some pictures of that one next week.

Below: Here's a pink flower--ha-ha! I can't remember what this one's called without looking in my notebook I keep. I think it's some type of Geranium.
Below: This is the miniature Pansy.
Below: This is the mess I need to tend to tomorrow, if it doesn't rain. The plants in the front are White Astilbe. This little garden area is in the back corner and tends to get ignored, so I'm going to try and clean it up a bit. I still have more to plant, but hopefully that'll get done soon, although it never really seems to end!
I got lost in all of the floral pictures--I could spend as much time in the local nurseries and greenhouses as I could nail polish shopping--back to the Sation! I bought a bunch of these from Victoria Nail Supply last year for $1.25 each, and have also picked up a few at a local beauty supply for about the same price. They're nothing terribly special, but they do have some really pretty shades, like High Tech. I know I have several earth tone shades and a red one, but this one and Blue Suede Shoes are probably my favorite.


  1. I love the flower pictures as much as this realllly awesome polish. Just added it to my 'be on the look out' list.

  2. great color! I had on Milani Molten Rock today, it is very similar to this, only bluer. I love the flower pictures! Gorgeous!

  3. I actually really like Sation. They've got some great colors and the formula works for me. Too bad they don't introduce any new colors though.

  4. OOOO the color is GORGEOUS, and I LOVE all your flower pictures. =D

  5. Gorgeous flowers! The shade of the np is not my type but I'm curious about the brand now.

  6. Is Sation low end? They don't look like, I think it looks very fine. I have never tried them - but I'll probably one day!

    Your clematis are already in bloom? You lucky. Ours only starts to get buttons. Isn't your little geranium a pelargonium? I know flower names quite well with my mum! She litteraly lives in a jungle. :D

  7. What beautiful flowers you grow. You should be so proud of yourself. I love seeing your photos of the flowers. I will have to check out Station polish next time I place an order.

  8. So much shimmer :O and the flowers are gorgeous too