Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD: Byte (and some other random things!)

It took me the better part of a week to swatch all of the Sally Hansen Ultra HD's, but here is the last one, Byte. This is another beautiful shade, as they all have been for the most part. You can scroll down below this post to view the other seven shades.

Above & Below: In full sun, the glitter which looks pink and silver in the bottle, actually shows as a mix of blues and purples. I used 3 coats on this one.
Below: Byte is a lighter Magenta or Fuchsia color with plenty of glitter. In the shade, the glitter blends together a little more, creating a sheen of pale violet with a blue iridescent finish.

Below: One of my photo assistants, who wishes I'd quit taking pictures of my nails and throw her toy for her instead. As some of you may know from previous photos, this is Greta. We rescued her from a high kill shelter in Mt. Vernon, IL almost 3 years ago. She ended up there after some idiot bred her at a year old, then dumped her on the side of the road. She's very smart and one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. If only she'd stop laying right there all the time and killing my grass! That's alright, we still love her!
Below: My other assistant this afternoon was Gizmo. I can't say that he's very sweet, because he's really not. He was rescued from our local Humane Society 2 years ago, because with two Shepherds, I just wanted a little lap dog, much to my husband's dismay! He's a good lap dog, but he's a little moody. When people meet our dogs for the first time, they're always afraid of the Shepherds if they aren't familiar with how gentle that breed really is--but this is the one you need to be afraid of! Mike thinks he's ugly, but I love him to pieces.
Below: Back to the nail topic! This is the cover on the latest issue of Nail Pro magazine. I don't know about you, but I'd be nibbling on my nails at some point! There's instructions on how to do the look, including the step where they cure them under a UV light to "ensure the candies wouldn't slide off." Interesting, huh?
This post got a little more involved than I intended, but I had lots of useless information to cover in addition to the Byte swatches! Friday Follower Freebie returns tomorrow--I took a little break from that for a while and have since stockpiled the FFF prize bin and am ready to get back at it! Lastly, just a reminder that the Body & Soul May Monthly Contest ends at midnight May 31. Two winners will each receive a complete set of China Glaze Vintage Vixen as soon as it comes out in early July. Entry details can be found here.


  1. Your dogs are cute!! I could not handle having candy like that on my nails.

  2. Aww, the dogs are adorable! So sweet.
    These are all so pretty, Mary! I loved your swatches, I'm dying to get my hands on the blues and this one, especially, I think those are my favorites.

  3. Love these new HD's...I went to CVS last night and the display was new and all full..Woo Hoo! I scooped up Spectrum, Laser and DVD! I should have grabbed BYTE, so pretty! I'll go back :)

  4. These SH Ultra HD polishes looks awesome, I'm so sad I can't get them in Sweden .((

    Your dogs are cute btw .)

  5. I love Byte...looks great in the shade!

    Your dogs are such cuties. :)

  6. Awwh doggies ^_____^ and om nom nom, those nails look SO delicious.

  7. What a crazy manicure with candy! Are they serious that you wouldn't nibble them? I'm really loving this collection of Sally Hansen HD's. Each one is more beautiful than the other. Thanks for having the FFF giveaway again. Your fantastic and the most wonderful woman on this planet for rescuing dogs. Geta is beautiful. Shephards are one of my favorite breeds since I had one growing up. The only thing that hurt is when Dustin would wag his tail and it would hit me. That thing would be heavy and whipping on your leg. He was such a sweetheart. But don't try to hurt any of the family. Max is adorable. Usually you have to watch the little ones. People think they're so tiny and sweet. I had 2 poodles and 3 cats at once and the littles poodle January was the boss. He wouldn't take any stuff from any of the animals. He was very protective of women also. He didn't like men as much since a man abused him. He did love my brother thankfully. He was my Mother's angel. I just know he's right beside her in heaven. God bless you Mary for what you do.

  8. Cute dogs ;-)
    Thanks for your swatches, your nails look lovely.
    Awesome color!