Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD: Wavelength

We still have no sun today, although the rain has been replaced with fog. I still wanted to play with my new HD's, so I chose the one I thought would look the same under any lighting conditions. I was wrong! Wavelength looks less complex in the bottle than some of the other shades I picked up, but once applied, this one has more personality than the bottle allows it to. All photos are shown using 2 coats and were taken outdoors under cloudy skies with no flash.

Above & Below: In the bottle, it looks like a pink coral shimmer with gold and silver micro glitter that is almost unnoticeable. On the nail, the base color looks more hot pink in some lighting, and more of a coral pink in other lighting. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the angle that changes the color, but it does have more than just one look. Do you see that golden or amber color around the edge of the bottle?

Below: A macro shot of the finish shows the main pink base, but you can see the amber color at the top where it's in a shadow. The glitter seems to change along with the base color.
Below: This photo shows all of Wavelengths attributes--a pink base, a hint of coral, and a veil of amber.
This is one from the new Sally Hansen HD line that I almost didn't buy. I thought it looked less glittery in the bottle than some of the others, and I really didn't need another pink shimmer. I'm so glad I ended up getting this one, because it's so interesting. I wouldn't call it a duo chrome, although it does have slight duo chrome properties. It's not exactly a glitter, because the glitter isn't a defining key to the way it looks. It has an almost foil-like finish, which is much more obvious indoors, but thankfully no brush strokes. Some things just defy a specific description, but one thing is for sure: it's pretty!


  1. OMG this one is really gorgeous!!! Looks great on you! <3<3<3

  2. this is SOOO pretty! i totally passed on this when I saw it.. I might have to go back and pick it up =]

  3. This is pretty! Reminds me of Zoya Beyonnce.

  4. Very pretty shade on you. My girlfriend is wearing the yellow HD. I forget the name but it realy looks pretty. A pretty lemon yellow.