Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD: Spectrum

Here's another shade from Sally Hansen's Ultra HD line, Spectrum. This is one of what I call the glitters from the collection. There are 4 glitters (Spectrum, Byte, Laser and DVD) and 4 shimmers (Hue, Wavelength, Resolution and LCD). Not that they're really one or the other, but I guess that's how I would differentiate between the finishes. If you scroll down past this post I've swatched all but Byte, which I'll post later today.

Above & Below: This one took 3 coats, but it's fairly thin and dries quickly. It's a medium turquoise shade and doesn't seem to have any duo chrome to it, but it has lots of sparkle and a somewhat foil finish. The top photo was taken in direct sunlight, while the bottom photo was taken in the shade.
Below: Macro shot of the finish detail.
Below: I find that the 'glitters' work best for layering, because they're thinner than the shimmers. I layered one coat of Byte over Spectrum for this look.
Below: This is the same application, only this photo was taken outdoors in the shade, while the photo below was taken indoors with no flash. Is that a bit of duo chrome I see?
Below: Macro shot of the finish detail using Byte over Spectrum.
I feel like a broken record every time I post one of these shades, but these are fantastic! I would love to see Sally Hansen come out with some other shades in this line. A purple and a teal would be good for starters! Or a black that somehow flashes a gray or a green would be nice too. What do you think? Are there any colors you'd like to see more of in the Ultra HD's? I also wanted to mention that if you buy these at Walgreen's, make your purchase in the cosmetics department and ask the sales clerk if they have any coupons. I bought mine at 2 different Walgreen's, and the first time, she offered me $2.00 off coupons for each one. At the second Walgreen's, I asked if she had any and she offered to look. She also had some, although they were for $1.00 off of each, but it's worth asking!


  1. I've seen seven-and-seven: six of the glitters, six of the shimmers. I originally picked up two of the glitters and one of the shimmers; then, not loving the glitters so much (because I didn't realize what they were) I went back and got four more of the shimmers. (They were each bundled with SH double-duty topcoat, so no coupon...but I'm good with that.) I am now trying to find some more of the glitters so I can pick up a few more of those, for layering purposes.

    I'm really kind of pathetic...

  2. I drool every time I walk by the HD display. I have purchased one, Byte, but will be getting others. Great review. :)

  3. I agree, there is a duochrome finish in the bottle, but on the nail it disappears, even though its an AWESOME color!

  4. Whoa, they look so cool layered! :) And this is so cliche, but Spectrum really does remind me of a mermaid.

  5. I'd love to see a green shimmer. My girlfriend has Wavelength on her fingers and toes. It's such a gorgeous shade. It just shimmers and glowes. You have some good ideas for more HD's. You should let the company know.

  6. I find there's a mix of green-blue sparkle, aqua sparkle, and purple sparkle in Spectrum. The purple only shows up in certain lighting for me, and I can see it very clearly from the light of my computer screen monitor