Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD: Resolution

Are you getting tired of these new Ultra HD's yet? I've got 3 more to swatch and I'm still amazed by every one of these. Resolution is a green shimmer that covered nicely in 2 coats. All photos were taken outside under partly sunny skies.

Above & Below: A subtle gold shimmer seems to lay over this medium green and the shimmer itself is enhanced in brighter lighting.
Below: This shade doesn't seem to have a duo chrome feeling to it like some of the others in this collection do, but it does change color slightly. It appears more green or more blue-green, depending on the lighting.
Below: Pretty!
Below: These 2 photos show how the shades of green shift over the nails in different positions. The edges appear darker, while the center of the nail is lightened and highlighted by the gold shimmer.

Below: More pretty!
Aren't these fun?!! I can't say enough about how nice these polishes are. The shades and finishes are a surprise every time I try out a different one. Resolution is interesting, because it varies between an almost Kelly green to a mermaid-like aqua, depending on the lighting you're in. The gold shimmer is always evident, but it too seems to change in appearance. I've got 3 more to go, Hue (yellow), Spectrum (Turquoise), and Byte (magenta). I'm going to try to get them finished up today in between things, because I've got lots of other things I want to share with you and I'm falling behind!


  1. Oh I love this. Super nice! Perfect for summer.
    P.S. Mary, I have been trying to reach you by mail but no answer...hope I have the right address :)

  2. At the store I wasn't too impressed with this one. Couldn't see the duochrome and shimmer. After seeing your swatches and bottle pictures I better go and grab it!! Thanks :)

  3. it does look much better on the nail than in the bottle. I really like this one, and would not have bought it without your swatch,Mary.It's a very nice cool green!

  4. oh i love the colour of this one :)

  5. I can't find these at any of the BB&Bs near me. so frustrating.

  6. This is just perfect. And I need it in an eyeshadow!

  7. Love this baby! I'd forgotten there was a green. I'd like to see an olive green shimmer in the HD collection. They're all beautiful.