Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD: LCD

Finally, some nice weather today! Sunny and 86 degrees--too bad I've got an awful cold and cough that kept me indoors most of the day. But doing a little swatching with Sally Hansen's HD LCD lifted my spirits! Yesterday I showed you Wavelength, the first of 4 that I picked up. If they keep looking this cool, I've got no choice than to pick up the rest!

Above & Below: LCD is more sheer than Wavelength, and I ended up going with 3 coats. The above picture is what it looks like outdoors in the shade, while below shows it in full sun. The iridescent blue flash is amazing.
Below: This is shown indoors with no flash. A medium pink glass-flecked shimmer with silvery pink micro-glitter, it is very foil-like in brighter lighting (above). Most polishes are enhanced in the sunlight, but I prefer this one in lower lighting.
Below: This one was so sheer, I thought it might work well as a layering polish. I applied a quick coat of Orly's Blue Suede, a dark blue matte shade, then layered one coat of LCD over it (left nail). I love how that combination turned out. I also applied a coat of Wavelength over the same Orly polish, but because it's not as sheer, I don't think I'll be wearing this combination in the future.
Below: The flower of the day is the Azalea. It's at its peak right now and I wish I could transmit the scent to you, because they smell so good!
I've only tried 2 of the new HD's and I'm really impressed by them. The finishes are unique--similar to others but nothing identical to anything else I have. The finish is somewhat like Zoya's Glitters, but still different enough that I wouldn't call them the same. LCD was very sheer, which was not the case at all with Wavelength, but the blue sheen it has makes up for the sheerness. I am trying to restrain myself from going back and having another look at the display, but I really think I might need more of these!


  1. wow, the shine on that polish is phenomenal!

  2. I hope I see these around here. They are sooooooo shiny.

  3. OOOh, someone else saw the same display as I did! I picked up the two blues... had to resist the rest... got mine at CVS, by one get one 1/2 off (still pricey at 6$ a bottle).

  4. Wow, now im considering getting this color! so stunning!

  5. These look gorgeous. Love the pink. My girlfriend Linda found them all for me on Saturday. She's known as the polish lady. What's good about that is the cashier tells her where the new polishes are. She also found her some coupons for a dollar off of each polish.

  6. Oh noooooooooooo now I need the whole SH UD collection... heeeeelp!!!
    Stunning colors!!! Love them all hehe