Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD: Laser

I'm still swatching the original 4 shades of the new Sally Hansen HD's that I picked up last week, but I didn't manage to hold out too long on trying to resist the rest of them. I went yesterday and picked up the other 4. So much for willpower!
Above & Below: Laser is an inky Indigo blue with what looks like violet glitter in the bottle. Once applied, the glitter reflects and shifts, showing silver, violet, lighter blue, and magenta. Sadly, my photos only seem to have picked up the silver.
Above & Below: All photos are shown using 2 coats, although I did go back over the tips after the first coat. These pictures were all taken outdoors in various lighting with no flash.

Below: The flower of the day is my 6' Clematis vine. It just started blooming and has dozens of unopened buds, so it should be in its glory in a few days.
Laser does not change color as much as LCD and Wavelength do, but it's still a very nice shade. The glitter does seem to change though, and the formula was very nice making for an easy application. I noticed that the glitter color change seems to be more obvious indoors, while outdoors, the silver glitter seems to be more prominent. If you see this display, you'll notice that some of them appear to be more glittery, while others appear more shimmery. I don't have a preference between either one, because so far, I'm finding all of these polishes to be very beautiful and unique. They have all looked different on the nail than what I imagined they would from looking at the bottle.


  1. Gorgeous blue! I love this collection. I tried them all with a skittles manicure. Your Clematis is beautiful. Would make a beautiful polish shade.

  2. I looooooove this blue <3 it's so shimmery and ugh, just gorgeous.

  3. Laser is my favorite, so pretty in person! AWESOME!