Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze, What's Blooming, & Doggies!

I'm trying to stay out of Mike's way today because he's installing a new front door and storm door. He does wonderful work, but he swears and slams things around--plaster and wood are flying! He works his way, I work my way, and we work better alone! He's a big Indy Racing League fan, so he's trying to watch the race at the same time. I'm just laying low doing some yard work and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Above & Below: Purple Haze is a darker lavender shade with a dusty or muted tone. I used coats and had perfect application and coverage (disregard my cuticles, I need to "do" my hands!). Both photos were taken outside, the top one in the shade, the bottom one in full sun.
Below: Gus and Greta are watching Mike from a safe distance and do not like it at all when he turns the Sawzall on.

Below: The Morning Glory is in full bloom now and I love how the center seems to glow.

Below: I must find a nail polish to match this! It's such a unique shade of burnt, dusty orange. This is a Darla Orange variety of a Diascia, which is an annual and a member of the Snapdragon family.
Below: It looks like our mini orchard will give us some fruit this year, and I can't wait to make peach pies with these.
Below: Lots of peaches! I love to melt real butter, add brown sugar, heat it until it's caramelized, then add fresh, sliced peaches and boil them for 5 minutes. Pour them over ice cream and you've got heaven on earth.
Below: The apple trees have quite a bit of fruit on them.
I hope you're all enjoying the weekend! It's finally been nice and sunny with temperatures in the upper 80's for the last couple of days, so I'm very happy! I don't know what it is about Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, but they're worth the price to me. The application is always perfect in 2 coats (sometimes even one), and it flows as if it knows exactly where to go on the nail. They wear exceptionally well and although there are dupes to a small percentage of their shades, the majority of them are unique. I think the next sale is in November, so I'll be adding a few more to my collection then.


  1. Gus and Greta are gorgeous! And I love the way your Morning Glory seems to glow, too; such beautiful flowers.

  2. I will definitely be trying that peach recipe!
    I love how your polish today matches the beautiful morning glory :)

  3. Beautiful polish and I love the other pictures. Those morning glories are just incredible. I stared and stared at them. ;)

  4. Gus and Greta are too cute! The morning glory's look gorgeous.

  5. The polish is a gorgeous color. The doggies are cuties :o)

  6. Awwh doggies! ^___^ the polish is a cute colour, and that glowing flower is trippy :O

  7. I have to buy Purple Haze. Looks devine on you. Your flowers are beautiful. I've never seen Diascia before. Very pretty and would be nice if you did find a polish to match. Your fruit trees look like they'll be giving lots of fruit this year. Wonderful for you. Homemade peach pie is so delicious. The dogs look so magnificient laying there outside.

  8. Hi Mary.
    I am dying to get some more rescue beauty lounge polishes. Are you sure they are going to have another half off sale? I hope so because there is no way I can afford to get all the colors I want at $18 dollars a piece. I've already bought four of them at full price but I still NEED teal, diddy mow, dead calm, and many others!

  9. M~things could always change, but they have a sale every year for a very short time period. Make sure you're on their mailing list so you receive notifications. We'll be sorely disappointed if they don't have the sale, but I think they will.

  10. i really like purple haze on you! i wouldn't pay that much for it though, RBL's are such a luxury to me!