Friday, May 14, 2010

NOTD: Brucci Amelia's Amethyst & Small Dollar Tree & B & BW Hauls

The sun is finally shining again after 2-3" of rain and too many thunderstorms this week! This is my first Brucci, thanks to the charming Lynn who sent it to me. Thank you Lynn for introducing this brand to me, and my husband thanks you for causing me to want more of this line! I am re-arranging my nail polish storage this week and he just comes in and looks around and walks out. Luckily, he really doesn't mind it at all, I just don't think he quite understands it!

Above & Below: I used 2 coats and had no issues with the formula. In fact, it was exceptionally nice. I took the top photo under an Ott lamp and the photos below were taken outside. I love the blue and violet shimmer in this one.

Below: Dollar Tree had some of the older Maybellines and it's possible that I already have some of these! Top L-R: Khaki Fringe, Blue Water, Matte Maker, Plush Plumb. Bottom L-R: Green So Sheen, Two Timer, Emerald Water, Lemon Water. In the middle are 2 polishes that were packaged together, NYC Glossies #205 and Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in White Diamond.
Below: I'm involved in a wedding shower on Sunday so I blame that on the fact that I had to go in Dollar Tree and Bath & Body Works to get some things for the prize baskets. It wasn't my fault that I saw those polishes or the B & BW items! This is a new scent that I fell in love with on the first sniff, Deep Aqua. The skin smoothing shower gelee and the cooling body souffle are new products to me, although I haven't been in B & BW for a while, so maybe they're not that new.
Below: I wish there was a way to let you smell and touch this souffle! It feels cooling on the skin and the consistency is just right. They don't have this product in any other scents, but I'm hoping they decide to add it.
If you're a fan of the older Maybelline's and haven't been in a Dollar Tree for a while, you might want to get in there and check it out. Matte Maker was the first 'mattifier' I owned years and years ago, so I bought 3 when I spotted them. I always liked the 'waters' line because they add a nice look over a similarly colored glitter polish, and they work well for gradient looks. For $1.00 a piece, you can't go wrong. My Dollar Tree has been carrying the older Maybellines for a while, but every now and then they have some I don't already have in my collection. I've not seen the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms there before and I already have most of the ones they had. They also had tons of the Fire Opal line, also in dual packs. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. green so sheen looks kinda like fairy pretty - fairy pretty is my most fave top coat ever and i am trying to find more back ups of it

  2. The Dollar Tree stores in my area have only 1 or 2 polishes, usually reds and pinks, so I've not seen any of these. I might have to get out to the far suburbs!

  3. Amethyst is gorgeous! love the purple shimmers

  4. What site can I order Brucci from, I can't find anything and I MUST have that purple!!! Thanks,

  5. Wow, I really like that Brucci!

    Also: Prisms and Fire Opals at DT? I am SOOOOO going to have to haunt all the stores around here again then, they seem to be restocking these old polishes!

  6. kjasldjalksjd <3333 Amelia's Amethyst!

  7. What a beautiful purple on you. Love that shade. I got a bunch of Fire Opal at DT a few weeks ago. I want those deep Maybelline shades. I usually find the lighter ones. Darn. I always tease Brooke that she buys all the good ones and there's nothing left for me.

  8. The Amethyst polish looks amazing ;-)


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