Friday, May 21, 2010

Eight Sations-Skittles Style

Yesterday I showed you one of my favorite Sation's, High Tech (view post here), and I received an eMail asking if I could share some more shades from this line. I did some quick swatches and although nothing quite tops High Tech in my opinion, for about $1.00 a bottle there are some other interesting shades, some more so than others.

Above & Below: L-R Mikasa, Suede Shoes, Blueberry Pink, Magenta Ice. All swatches are shown using 2 coats. Magenta Ice is a glowy hot pink with blue flash, Blueberry Pink is a shimmer frost that's nothing more than a whitish-pink--no blue, Suede Shoes is a bright blue with silver glitter, and Mikasa is a chocolate brown with the most beautiful array of glitter colors. More on Mikasa below.
Below: L-R: Morning Haze, Sheer Desires, Chill Factor, Pecan Frost. These are the more boring selections!
Below: Morning Haze is a shimmer frost shade that has the slightest hint of gold-green to it, Sheer Desires a little less frosty and a pale beige-gold shade, Chill Factor is a red-brown creme with gold glitter, and Pecan Frost is a pinkish-brown hue that is also a shimmer frost finish.
Below: Here are some macro shots of the more interesting finishes. Blue Suede.
Below: Magenta Ice.
Below: My favorite, Mikasa. This is such an interesting shade, changing from a milk chocolate brown to a more grey-based dark taupe, depending on the lighting. The micro glitter is multi-colored and is primarily greens, but you can also see some gold and dark pink mixed in.

I'll be the first to admit that some of these are lacking in the originality department with regard to colors and finishes. But there are others that I love, namely High Tech, Suede Shoes, Mikasa, and the dupe-able Magenta Ice. Chill Factor is on my 'good' list, although the rust color isn't my favorite, but I like it combined with the gold glitter. These all apply well in 2 coats, but the sheers are sheers after all, so the visible nail line is to be expected. Do you have any Sation colors you love? I wish their color charts were more accurate, because I'd love to find some more with the finish that High Tech and Suede Shoes have!


  1. I just placed an order with TransDesign on Wednesday. I didn't even bother looking at this brand. Wish I had. I love Chill Factor, Pecan Haze and Mikassa. I like all the polishes in the brown family. Next time I'll have to take a look at these.

  2. Ooh, you're making me want to wear my sations now. I tend to buy mostly cremes from this line. Either way my faves so far are Antique Red, Bumpin Beige, Plaza Plum, 18k Gold, Crimson Pink, and Sweet Taro... Still have a few in my stash that I haven't tried.

  3. Magenta Ice reminds me of this Maybelline lipstick that I have.

  4. I don't really like shimmery nail polishes, even worse if they're brown! Curiously my favourites from those are both the browns! ^__^ Never say never! Actually a couple days ago I bought two nail polishes, a brownish and a salmon and I was astonished by the brownish! ^__^