Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BB Couture Regular Guy Collection: Blue Collar

Overall Beauty recently added another collection for men called Regular Guy. This collection contains six shades, and once I saw Golf Pro, the olive green shade, I decided I had to order some of them. Okay, I had to order all of them!

Above & Below: Blue Collar is a muted powder blue shade with a slight cornflower blue hue. This is a shimmer that applied perfectly in 2 coats. The shimmer is a mix of silvers, blues and even reflects a little light green.
If I had to choose, I think I'd prefer Blue Collar guys over White Collar guys. For starters, the name Blue Collar lends itself to a better looking polish than White Collar would! This is a nice looking collection though, for men or women in my opinion. BB Couture just keeps coming out with unique shades and finishes, so I'm looking forward to swatching the rest of these. Maybe they could follow up the Regular Guy collection with the Family Guy collection. What do you think? It would be fun naming them--Damn You Vile Woman Violet, Giggity Giggity Green--endless possibilities! I know Kim from Overall Beauty shares a birth month with me (June), so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it would not surprise me at all if she had a fantastic sale next month to celebrate. If you haven't tried any BB Couture polishes yet or would like to add some more to your collection, next month may be a good time to do that!


  1. Oh yes, blue collar guys are the best! <3 My own significant other is a bricklayer/stonemason. They rock. ;) And yes please, the Fam Guy collex would be complete awesomeness!

    A Family Guy collection in June would really be something, 'cause I have my birthday thn too. ;) Gemini all the way!

  2. I like the blue. It's really pretty.

  3. oh the list of polishes i want from bb just keeps getting longer and longer that is one pretty blue

  4. This reminds me of cornflower blue in the crayola spectrum. :D

  5. Ooh that is so pretty! I think I'll be ordering this whole collection.