Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zoya Sparkle: Part II

Here are the final three shades from Zoya's Sparkle collection, and you can view the first 3 shades in the post just below this one. This is an amazing polish collection--there's not a bad one in the bunch! I used a matte top coat over one of these before I removed it, and that looked amazing, although I neglected to photograph it.

Above: Charla, a bright turquoise blue shade shown using 2 coats under an Ott lamp.
Above: Ivanka is a medium emerald green, again shown using 2 coats.
Below: Mimi is a deep grape shade of purple that came out a little on the blue side in the photos.
No complaints from me on this collection at all! I used 2 coats and you can see a few areas near the tips that probably would look a little better had I used 3 coats. But for normal everyday wear, I wouldn't be scrutinizing the end result as closely as I do when I edit photos, so 2 coats is really sufficient. The combination of foil/glass-flecked glitter and the high pigmentation give these a look like nothing else in my collection. Zoya did an excellent job on these, although I would love to see one in teal. Come to think of it, a gold one would be amazing as well.
On another note, I'm extremely behind on answering my comments and hope to be back to my full blogging capacity next week. Between my daughter being on Spring break, company for Easter, a major health issue with one of our dogs last Friday, one of our other dogs keeping me awake all last night because he's afraid of thunderstorms, some freelance job deadlines--let's just say I'm very busy and life is hectic right now!


  1. These three have a fabulous finish. I hope things settle down for you soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Send your Thunderstorms up to Vancouver, BC, Please! We need more excitement weather-wise.

  3. Oh, these are gorgeous Mary! They all look so pretty on you. I want them.
    Boy, I know how easy it is to get behind on returning comments! I'm WAY behind on mine. I try to just keep up with reading everyone's blog, I just haven't had enough time lately. I hope your dog is okay now?

  4. How's the dog doing? I hate to hear of any animal being sick. I had a German Shepard when I was younger who also was scared of thunderstorms. He was too big to try to sleep in bed with me. He tried but I made him lay on the floor next to me. These three are my favorite of the collection. They look gorgeous on you! I'm definitely going to be ordering these. I just put in a huge order to VNS! I hadn't ordered anything for awhile. I made up for it!

  5. Wow, there's nothing to throm with those polishes ! They are all really gorgeous, but Charla is the most amazing to me ;)

  6. Oh, I just love them! Already on my wish list :)

  7. Hope your dog is ok. I wish Zoya ship to Canada with reasonable shipping cost :-)

  8. What is with sheps and thunderstorms? Both our shep and my grandmas were terrified of them!!!! They would always hide in the bath tub