Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoya Sparkle: Part I

Zoya's latest release for Summer 2010 is Sparkle & Flash. Each set contains 6 polishes and offers an array of colors and finishes. Sparkle polishes have a glitter type finish, while Flash contains 6 creme finishes. I only bought one from the Flash set, but I knew I needed the entire Sparkle set, and they do not disappoint.

Above: Nidhi is a red tone that leans ever so slightly to the orange side and it has gold and red glitter. This one doesan't have quite the glittery effect as the other two I'm showing you today, but it's still beautiful. All photos are shown under an Ott lamp.
Below: Gilda, a bright pink tone, has matching glitter that shifts to a lighter pink and even blue in brighter lighting.
Below: Alegra is a darker version of Gilda, and what I would call a deep fuchsia. The glitter is lighter than the base, but in the same shade.
If you've been on the fence about these, I suggest you jump off and order them! These are glitters, but yet they seem to be so much more than that. The first thing I noticed about these was how incredibly pigmented they are. I used 2 coats and I imagine 3 coats would have intensified them even more. The application was even and they dry to a smooth finish. The foil-like glitter gives them somewhat of a metallic finish also. They remove much easier than a typical glitter. These are glass-flecked foil glitters and the glitter changes color and reflects slightly different colors in brighter lighting. I've got to tell you, I am totally awed by these polishes. The application, coverage and finished look are top quality. I'm more drawn generally to purples, blues, and greens than I am to reds and pinks, so I can't wait to swatch the other three. I have a question for Zoya: If you can have a polish named Nidhi, why not one named Mary? I'm sure there's one in the works, right?!!


  1. I'm more drawn to blues, greens and purples too. Can't wait to see them :)

  2. love the pink one :P
    <3 huong

  3. I can't wait to see the other shades also. These are very pretty. I know I'm going to end up buying them all. I just can't resist a glitter polish. That pink is really gorgeous.

  4. They look amazing!
    Unfortunately I'm not really fond of Zoya's formula. They keep chipping on me.

  5. Glitters that look so perfect with only 2 coats are a "must have"! Great choices! Love them! ***

  6. I believe you have me convinced on the glitters.It's nice to know they're easy to remove.

    On that other note,about the names, I did a search for several common names on the Zoya site, like Debbie,my sister-in-law,Jeaneane,my mother-in-law.They don't even have a Debbie? I thought these would make nice little gifts,especially for Debbie who is getting married in May. They do have Jancyn,however,which is my niece's name!

  7. Hi Mary. I love the fact that their glitter,yay! Can't wait to see the other three. I'm really wanting the green,and blue. I really like Alegra too.

  8. I LOVED this collection. And I wish they'd have a "Kris" too - I think we're penalized for having more common names! :P