Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Silver Lining & Hidden Treasure

I think I'll top all of my newest Sally Hansen's with Hidden Treasure after I swatch them, just to give you a better idea of the subtle beauty of it over lighter polishes. I'm also working on a color wheel using it over nothing but darker shades of various polishes. First up: Silver Lining.

Above & Below: Silver Lining is shown using 2 coats in direct sunlight above, and with an Ott lamp below. This polish has an ever so slight pale aqua cast, but is primarily a sparkly silver that has a high concentration of micro glitter that is similar to glass-flecked glitter. The glitter is silver for the most part, but I also see aqua in there. I didn't think I needed another silver, but I'm glad I picked this one up. It reminds me of a toned down version of Sephora by OPI Just a Fairy-Tail.

Below: Macro shot of Silver Lining's finish.
Below: The initial allure of Hidden Treasure is the strong rainbow powered flaky look that it takes on over a darker shade. It may not be as eye-catching over a lighter shade, but the understated look it gives over Silver Lining with the aura of colors, is beautiful.
Below: A coppery-pink flaky glitter is the most evident over this shade, but it also brings out the aqua glitter in Silver Lining.
The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line just keeps getting better and better with the shades and finishes they're introducing. The formula on these two shades was just the right consistency, and the brushes were both cut evenly, which was not always the case on some of the others from this line that I have. Hidden Treasure is going to be like a matte top coat or Chanel Illusion D'Or--I'm going to leave it right here on my desk and put it over everything, just to see what kind of look it will transform every other polish into!


  1. Mehh. Don't get me wrong, I love the mani, I just wished that this line of SH was available in the Netherlands. Hidden Treasure looks really good!

  2. I haven't seen it in Canada yet. Hidden Treasure looks great.

  3. wow, awesome combo!! I want them both. Silver Lining is gorgeous, but Hidden Treasures looks awesome. I'd love to see it over a dark blue!

  4. I'm not one to stray far beyond creams, but I can't wait to see Hidden Treasure over some darker polishes.

  5. Hidden Treasure looks gorgeous.

  6. Hidden Treasure is so versatile. It looks different over every polish you layer it with.

  7. I really wish I could find Hidden Treasure. I think all the drugstores here are behind in getting it or something. *sob*

  8. That looks like a special polish that you need a backup of! The silver is realy gorgeous. So shiny like a foil. Those metallics are so tempting.

  9. Whoa, the combo is gorgeous *____* and Silver Lining is stunning on its own too

  10. Do you think that Silver Lining would be a good one to put on top of other colors? -JenB

  11. Michelle~I know it's hard for International girls to see some of these. Everytime I see polishes that aren't available here, I feel the same way :)

    Skulda~hopefully these will show up your way!

    Brooke~I swatched it over a bunch of colors on a colors wheel and it was fantastic over everything!

    whateveramber~it looks great over dark shades, but I do like the subtle beauty of it over lighter shades too! Red makes a great base for HT also.

    Phyrra~isn't it beautiful! The possibilities for layering this one will never end~ha-ha!

    Starlight~absolutely. It seems to be more copper/pink than anything, but it does draw out other colors from itself also, not to mention what it does to the polish beneath it.

    DistantDreamer~it'll show up for you! My stores sometimes have things pretty timely, and other times I'll see a collection show up for the first time that came out months ago.

    Lucy~I think everyone needs at least one bottle of HT! The other polishes in the SH collection are in my opinion, probably the best yet as far as the variety of finish and color ranges that they've come out with.

    SilhouetteScreams~glad you like it! Silver Lining is pretty and I think it may work as a layering polish too.

    Anonymous~absolutely! I tried it a little and it seemed to sork fine. Pretty, but it didn't drastically or magically change the color beneath it too much.

  12. HT looks so AWESOME, but I've to several Walgreen's and the display just doesn't even have it listed. I asked the Beauty Dept to look it up so maybe I could order it, but they don't even have it in their database. Not sure why some Walgreen's have it and other don't (I'm in Texas - Dallas/Plano area). If anyone knows where I can get it... I bought Mabelline Colorama topcoat several years ago, and it looks to be very similar to HT, difference is it comes in several lightly shaded colors. I can still get Colorama in the internet (amazon.com), but I REALLY want SH HT. Does anyone know if HT will be released to general market?

  13. The display of a host of Salon Complete Manicure colors is at all the Walgreen's,Wal-Mart and even Target, but none of the displays even have a slot for the HT. So I'm wondering "what's up?". I'm gonna keep looking. I can't even find Hidden Treasure on Sally Hansen's web site. Talk about illusive!