Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen, Dive Deeper, Hidden Treasure

Here are some of the blue shades from Sally Hansen's latest collection, Sea and Be Seen and Dive Deeper. I used 2 coats on both of these, and then topped them with Hidden Treasure.

Above & Below: Sea and Be Seen is a brighter periwinkle blue shade with tiny glass-flecked multi colored shimmer. When topped with Hidden Treasure, the finish turns into a lovely coppery-pink with the blue peeking out.
Below: Dive Deeper is a pale icy blue, again with small glass-flecked multi colored shimmer. The Hidden Treasure adds a subtle bit of color, reminding me of a bird egg with the colored speckles.

These shades applied very well, much like the previous ones I've posted. Great formula and well-made brushes with no straggler hairs, for lack of better terminology! The finish is so pretty with the near glass-flecked glitter or shimmer, and although they're sheer at first, they build up nicely.


  1. im in love with the FLAKIES :D ohhh gimme some over here in singapore :( we have such a limited scope of Sally's here! WHATSUP :(

  2. I just bought the Sea and Be Seen and the Hidden Treasures last night. I must say that your photos are closest to being color accurate compared to other bloggers' images. The periwinkle (Sea and Be Seen) polish has lovely warm tones to it and it looks great on. I was debating on buying Dive Deeper because it's so pretty but it has such cool tones to it, I was concerned it wouldn't look good against my skin. Thanks for all the swatches. Oh and I hope you might swatch the Pomegranate color soon - in the store it looked like such a fresh and warm color. Thanks! -JenB

  3. Really love the 2nd look, reminds me of shells!


  4. these are stunners! are they available online too..they don't sell them here in the Netherlands...

  5. i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  6. Whoa, Sea and Be Seen with Hidden Treasure......just wow *____*

  7. Love See and Be Seen. I also really like your new nail length!

  8. wax_lyrical~flakies are nice, and this one is no exception! I need to stop using it and conserve it--ha-ha!

    JenB~I'm loving Sea and Be Seen, such a pretty shade. I'm so far behind on commenting, but I've swatched Pomegranate and love it!

    JustMyNails~using HT reminds me of shells too, particularly over lighter shades.

    Crystaliciousss~I have not seen them online yet--other than eBay of course. I hope you can find some, they're beautiful!

    Lily nail~I'm very behind on my comments, but I'll check it out :)

    SilhouetteScreams~isn't that a pretty combination? I really liked it too.

    whateveramber~we all seem to like this one! It's a lovely shade.

    JennyKaye~another Sea and Be Seen Fan! Thanks, my nails grow really fast, but I prefer them shorter, especially when I'm doing so much yard work. Lessens the possibility of a break :)