Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Ring My Shell & Hidden Treasure

Ring My Shell, another polish from Sally Hansen's latest collection, is a very light lavender shimmer that has more going on in the finish than I was able to capture with a camera. It has a slight metallic and frost look to it, tiny multi colored glitter, and a flash of pale green iridescent shimmer in brighter lighting.

Above & Below: In darker lighting it appears as a silvery lavender shade, while brighter lighting brings out the golden-green iridescent shimmer.
Below: Macro shot of the finish.
Below: I layered a coat of the magical Hidden Treasure over it, and when I did this over Silver Lining in my previous post, the flaky glitter was a coppery-pink. Over Ring My Shell, the glitter is mainly aqua. Hidden Treasure is proving itself to be one of the more visually entertaining polishes I've ever had!

Below: Now the glitter is turning green!

Above & Below: What IS that in there? Just look at all of those beautiful colors and the glowing embers in this polish!
I want to go back to Walgreens and have another look at the display of this collection. I thought I picked out all of the ones I wanted, but after using a couple of them, I may need to get a few more. The formula on these is perfect, and sometimes it's hard to judge the finish type just from looking at the bottle. There was a bright turquoise one that seemed to have a foil-like finish that I passed on, and a nice looking yellow with micro glitter--damn you, Sally!


  1. Wouw I love these series!


  2. I just saw this collection at my Walgreens today. I went in thinking," Oh, why do I bother, they never have anything new.Not since Sinful Green Ocean.LOL! Anyway, I saw quite a few that were calling out to me,and the coveted Hidden Treasure. You did a real great job of coverage with this. I thought it looked quite sheer in the bottle.

  3. These are beautiful! I really hope they show up here!

  4. This is gorgeous when the gold shines through more!! Great pics :)


  5. I immediately added it to my long list of Mary polishes! Looks like the inside of a shell. Very pretty on you. I must have these two.

  6. Whoa, I love how the Hidden Treasure polish seems to almost mattify it O_O

  7. zuzu~thank you, it's a great collection!

    Starlight~did you pick any up? It did seem sheer to me, but built up well on the second coat.

    Evil Angel~I'm very late commenting, but I think I read that you were able to find these, so that's great :)

    Polish Earthgirl~yes, I love the way the gold shows too.

    Claire's Blog~thank you! I'm loving these new SH's.

    Lucy~it definitely reminds me of the inside of a shell. Very pretty!

    SilhouetteScreams~Hidden Treasure is magical!

  8. No,Mary, I still haven't picked any up yet. Still wondering what the removal will be like with an SH flakie. I have some other flakies that are a bitch to remove.