Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sally Hansen: I Found The New Ones!

I walked into Walgreens this morning not even thinking about nail polish, and there they were! Right on the end cap when you walk in the store, so I took that as a sign that I should pick some of them up. My town is always the last to get anything--well, maybe not the last, but close to it--so I silenced a scream and made my selections. They were buy one get one half off, so that was also a nice surprise. I picked up an extra Hidden Treasure for a friend of mine, so she was pretty happy about that. Now if I can only find some time to swatch them!
L-R: Silver Lining, Ring My Shell, Dive Deeper, Hidden Tresures, Iced Coffee, Sea and be Seen, Pomegranate.


  1. i saw the new polishes too! i picked up Hidden Treasures; i LOVE it! =)

  2. Ohhh nice!! Would you still possibly be able to swatch hidden treasures? The colour looks a beautiful opal shade, which I adore! X

  3. You lucky lady! I can't wait to see them.

    I'm searching here and I've got my parents and brother searching for me back home..it will be mine!

  4. *JEALOUS*

    LOL I hunted for these over the weekend, maybe it's time to make another round. I want several of these & thought I'd pick up that sparkly black of the line too, Midnght in NY I think it's called? Perfect base for HT

  5. I really want to see Sea and be Seen & Pomegranate. Though since I'm taking party in the Zoya exchange, probably will have to hold off on buying these even if I can find them.

    Glad you found them!

  6. They haven't hit the stores here, yet. I'm looking forward to seeing your swatches before it's possible for me to buy them, so I only get the ones good for me! They look interesting. Thanks, in advance, for swatching these! -Jen

  7. Super jealous!! I have been hunting Hidden Treasure like a mad woman!! I cannot wait to see the swatches (:

  8. I saw these too at my wal-greens. I only bought Sea and be Seen. But the other colors were lovely looking.

  9. I love this series from SH. Their brushes are amazing!


  10. Hi,
    we are sending U "I love your blog" Award

    Klub Lakierowy Team

  11. These are all awesome, great find! Don't suppose you know if these will be coming to the UK at all?


  12. You are lucky. I can't find Hidden Treasure for a while. It's always soldout.

  13. Hidden Treasures really stands out in your photo. Must get it! Hope my Walgreens has it.

  14. Silver Lining and Pomegranate immediately caught my eye :D

  15. I'm going to get every single one except "Pomegranate" (just not my color)! OK, I HOPE to get them - haven't seen them yet.

  16. I want Hidden Treasure but it's not being sold here :(

  17. Wow, I'm only a week behind answering comments! I'm going to try and catch up a bit this morning!

    Katrina~I'm so happy you found it! You will get a lot of use and amazement out of it!

    Katie S.~yes, I'll do that for you soon! I also want to swatch Chanel Illusion D'Or alone, because I think all I've ever done is layer that one too.

    Jessica~I sure hope you're able to find it! It's such fun to play with :)

    Colette~I think I picked up MN in NY last month, but have yet to swatch it. I think I saw on your blog where you've since found HT :)

    Phyrra~I've swatched them all now, so have a look!

    Anonymous~all done swatching now, so check them out. I'm pretty happy with the ones I bought, and even though there were a few I thought I might go back for, I think I'm done.

    Delaynee~crosses fingers that you'll find it, it's fantastic.

    Velvet~that's a good one too. I'm glad you were at least able to find them!

    zuzu~this particular collection really has lots of nice shades. I had a difficult time choosing and narrowing down my selection.

    KatiePL~thank you! I'm so far behind on my comments, I'm just now seeing this! I'll check it out.

    JustMyNails~I'm not sure if they'll come your way or not. I'm not too familiar with which brands are available both here and in your country. You could try eMailing SH, but I've never gotten responses from them, so that may not work :/

    MetroChic~aww, I hope you find it! I've seen the display several places now, and yes, the HT slot has been empty on all of them.

    Nail Fanatic~they'd better show up there. You *need* this one!

    Lucy~hunt it down, you'll be totally amazed and entertained :)

    SilhouetteScreams~I love them both, and almost didn't get Pomegranate. I though I had others just like it, but I'm glad I bought it.

    French Hen~I hope you find them! I really like Pomegranate, but I understand. Some colors just don't appeal to me either.

    Suzanne~Oh no :( Do you have anything similar available? One of my NFU's is similar, but not identical.

  18. Sally Hansen "Salon Manicure" line, Love the bottle with the grip ring! The formula is worth the extra price as even just one coat does so much as product claims ie. base, ridge filler, color and top coat all in one. Immediately noticed this gave polished pro look vs. other SH products. I purchased "Shell We Dance", it is VERY sheer/transparent, yet glossy :) will use as top coat. Next time will purchase one with more color. ie) Raisin!!Product takes a little longer to dry but end result is worth the time. Cheers.

  19. OOO the hunt is back on for Hidden Treasure!! I had just given up hope.