Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rimmel Violet Metal

Rimmel Violet Metal (I know, I'm very late on these!) is an incredibly beautiful shade of violet with a strong blue flash of shimmer. I used 2 coats and photographed this under an Ott lamp. In lower lighting you see much less of the blue and it appears as a violet shimmer.

This is such an interesting polish--the first coat was quite streaky and it has almost a fuchsia undertone, as you can see around my cuticles. After the second coat, it becomes much more of a violet and the blue shimmer just takes over under any brighter lighting. It also has a duo chrome to it, which shifts from the violet, to blue, to a much redder tone of violet. Yesterday I posted Marine Blue, which I was very impressed with also. Nice job on these, Rimmel!


  1. I like THIS one alot! Love the color-shifting duochromy goodness,and it's purple, which is my favorite color of all time!

  2. Oh now this is a me color! I love it.
    How are the brushes in these? I've never been fond of the ultra skinny Rimmel brush.

  3. Love this color on you!! I love duochromes! I love ALL np - who am I kidding!! :-) I'll have to look for this one.

    You have been tagged by LeVernisChocolat with the I love your blog Award – and you are so deserving of it!! :-0)

  4. I have this color and I really love it ;)

  5. i got it wal-mart and i like it however it took 4-5 coats maybe i have a bad batch or something I heart purple im wearing sinful lets talk

  6. This is the coolest purple I've seen yet!

  7. Whoaaa, I love the look of this :3 especially with that odd fuchsia undertone

  8. Whoaaa, I love the look of this :3 especially with that odd fuchsia undertone

  9. this taupe nail polish looks amazing!

  10. Love this purple. It would match my clothing perfectly today!

  11. Starlight~I love these purples with color shifts (Scrangie, the Sally Hansen one, and others I can't recall)!

    Evil Angel~you would love this! They have the wider angled brushes--I did a comparison after I saw your question on my post the next day.

    APaige2u~thanks for the award! I'll check it out :)

    Phyrra~it's really pretty and the shimmer/color change aspect is always a plus!

    aaminahsmom~oh no! I was actually surprised how well this one covered. It does sound like something may have been wrong with yours.

    Angie~definitely! I love it.

    SilhouetteScreams~isn't that interesting that it would have such a fuchsia tone on the first coat and then turn such an obvious purple? Don't understand it, but I love it :)

    Tally7~yes, I think you do need it! It's lovely.

    Cah_nossovicio~the taupe one is nice too, very pretty.

    Lucy~then you must buy it!